Exporting Attachments

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Hi All,

Wondering if there is a way for me to download all attachments from multiple tickets raised from the same email ID?

Let's say xyz@gmail.com sends me an email everyday with a attachment - is there a way I can download all the attachments of all the tickets raised by xyz@gmail.com in a single attempt?

I had this question a bit ago and was told to use the "Attachment Manager" app.  We have been using it but it WILL NOT download all the attachments at the same time anymore:-(

Hi, Aakash.

We do not have the option to export the attachments of a particular requester alone in Freshdesk. Apologies for the limitation. 

Callie, I understand that you were using the "Attachment Manager" to download all the attachments in a ticket in a single click. Since this is a third-party application, I suggest you reach out to the developers by reaching out to the email address given in the App description in our marketplace.