Improved date picker functionality for ticket TO-DO reminder

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When setting a TO-DO reminder on a ticket, it would be great if there were (in addition to the date picker) some quick pick relative dates (eg. tomorrow, in three days, in a week, in a fortnight, in a month)

The use case is that for many tickets, we are waiting on either the client or another party to take an action that will progress the ticket to resolution.

In such cases, we set the ticket to a ‘waiting’ type status and create a to-do reminder to make sure the ticket doesn’t get forgotten due to non-action by the other party. 

The key is that we don’t want to see the ticket again

until a) the customer/third party responds OR b) the reminder goes off

prompting us to follow-up.

Setting the reminder quickly for a defined number of days would speed up this process (which can be oft repeated on a ticket).


Hi, Andrew.

Thanks for your feedback. The idea is that when you add several tasks related to a ticket in the To-Do list, you would generally set a reminder that is very specific, with the date and time at which the reminder should be sent rather than picking up an arbitrary time range like a day, a week etc.,

However, I shall pass this on as a feature request and our product team will take a call on this based on the number of similar requests and feasibility.

Appreciate your effort in helping us out with your suggestion.

Very useful feature indeed





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