Knowledgebase Archiving and Versioning

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It would be nice to have a better way to Version knowledge base articles.

Currently what I end up doing is going to the article in question:

1. Create a blank article in the default category in a folder containing the different versions.

2. Go to the article in question. Copy the article's contents.

3. Paste the contents into the new blank article.

4. Either edit current article or paste in a brand new article.

Generally I have to archive (I will need more than 3 level hierarchy to store them in the default folder.) or edit them using a different program.

An import and or copy function in the knowledge base would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Diana,

From your requirement, I am assuming you would like to edit an existing published article and create a draft version of it (that is, save it as offline draft to continue working on the draft) while retaining the published version for your customers. 

Can you kindly clarify whether my understanding of your requirement is right?

I believe what she means is version control, which is a feature I need for my team as well. 

I'd like the ability to save each version of a knowledgebase article when it is revised, the ability for an admin to view previous versions, and  the ability for an admin to revert a knowledgebase article to a previous version.

Version control implies we are able to view the entire change log to the article since its creation, which can be found implemented in Google docs, Wikipedia articles etc. Without it the current procedure of article editing is very unsafe as earlier edits are completely lost once new changes are published. Kindly incorporate the feature ASAP.

One more vote for version control. Without it, the knowledge base cannot be used reliably in distributed teams. Please urgently consider adding this feature.

I was disappointed to discover there is no version control in Articles. I just assumed it would be there, as it's practically standard. It was available in Zendesk, and I obviously failed in my research of Freshdesk to not notice it was unavailable in Solutions here. So one more vote for Versioning.

Version control and the ability to review and approve/reject suggested edits are table stakes for a knowledge base and I was also disappointed to find that Freshdesk does not have this feature. I unfortunately discovered this feature was missing after signing up for our first year of Freshdesk. Other platforms have it built in so when our contract is up we'll be seriously considering making a change to a platform with a more full-featured KB editor.

One more vote for versioning. It's a invaluable feature for the knowledge base

Another one for versioning please

We store "How to ..." articles and it is essential to be able to track changes on them

I was at Refresh '19 last week, version control AND workflow (content approval) are coming soon to Solutions content! It was demo'd briefly but looked very promising. I was told to expect it in the next month. One of the things I'm most looking forward to is a central Knowledge Content database for use across Freshdesk and Freshchat.

Great to hear that, Brigitte! For me, the update will come too late as I've moved away from Freshdesk in the meantime, that feature indeed was a deal breaker for me.

Sorry for bumping an old thread but I'm just wondering if there's been movement on this since Bridgette's word that version control was on the way to Solutions in Freshdesk.

We need to build a central knowledgebase for our team, but we can’t lose

access to all old text every time someone publishes an update. So, either we

need to build our own scraper to constantly crawl our knowledgebase and snapshot it (cumbersome!) or, hopefully get this solution natively from the Freshdesk platform.

One more vote here

We're extremely delighted to let you know that Article Versioning is now available in Freshdesk Knowledge Base.  You can learn more about article versioning here:

I noticed this new feature in the editor a few days ago. So glad it's finally implemented, and by the way it works great so far!