Make tickets viewable in the portal that others are added to as a requester/particpant

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This is for Freshservice


When users are cc’d into a ticket, make that ticket viewable in their own ticket area as if they had raised the ticket themselves. It should be made so that it is viewable in the users own portal so they can see all the information including the ticket logged details. This brings better collaboration for requesters

This feature is actually available in JIRA which i also use in my business and when you add somebody as a participant they are then added to the ticket and can see the ticket in their own participant section in the portal front end. 


I believe this functionality is already in place for people who are managers so they can see their employees tickets. This should be made more granular so that when just any other user is added to a ticket, that ticket is then available for viewing in the new requesters area. 

Yes, this is a great suggestion. We want to drive requesters to the portal to ensure they have the most up-to-date information, however, these ‘shared’ tickets lack the visibility that they should have.

We rolled out Freshservice this year and this is a feature that has already been requested by several of our users. Would love to see it added in.

We roled out Freshservice this year as well, and I was surprised this is not already supported. I know this is not purely a ticketing tool but an ITSM, but that CC behavior (giving CCed / added participants access) is standard in many ticketing solutions.


Some implement it for all people on CC, maybe the most straight-forward approach. Sometimes you might also not give these people the whole access, so maybe worth a thought to not tweak the existing “CC” list, but add sort of a “participants” list field where you can add an array of requesters/agents (users) that all have this ticket in their “my tickets” list then, or even better “tickets I am added to” list.


If that is too large as a change / not helpful, I would be happy to just have it for the people on CC / a checkbox in the admin panel if you want CCed people to see the ticket in their “my tickets” list.

I have come here to upvote this as well. CC’ing doesn't function as our previous ticketing systems did and need our CC’d users to be able to view the whole private ticket 

Requesters can now “share” tickets with other people:

This appears to be separate to the ability to “CC” people on a request however.

Yeah, this is a huge oversight of this tool. I face this challenge DAILY.