More informations for computers

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Is it possible to implement these things for assets (mainly for computers) ?:

  1. Graphic Card name (we can have the driver version in software, but not graphic card details, which is weird)
  2. BitLocker key (Its weird to have to use another platform for this espcially when you already sync AD+usernames+computers, so I think you can get this information)
  3. Custom field to get custom value from specifi registry key.
    ex: Get Teamviewer ID from specific Registry key. 
    In our business we use teamviewer installed on each computer to login remotly, but sometimes the ID is not the same and we can’t connect. Why not implement this, since you already scan the computers.
  4. Allow us to search by sotware directly from the software assets page
  5. Add more possible fields in the asset page (computer model, ram, processor, etc for example so we can see it instead of clicking on the asset name to see it)

I think you get it ;)

You will need to implement more things to make agent life easier when its time to check for an asset or get improtant details really fast when we troubleshoot with a user on the phone.

​​​​​​​Thank you and have a nice day, 

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