Placeholder request for Portal URL.

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I am unable to find a Placeholder for 'product specific url' ie. The Portal URL, not the {{ticket.portal_url}}. If this exists what is it, if not please add this.


Up until 20 minutes ago I had {{ticket.product_description}} set up as our domain name so we could input www.{{ticket.product_description}}.com/account etc

Everything had looked fine, when the canned response appeared in the ticket reply it correctly read our domain. However the actual hyperlink actually links to www.{{ticket.product_description}}.com/account

Really messed up a couple of months worth of work and put a big downer on the way we utilize the service. Not having this feature fixed will drastically affect our chances of renewing Freshdesk.

Need my fresdesk url in order to complete a refund.


Apologies for the delay in reply!

@MattAre you still facing trouble with the placeholders? If yes, please write to support(at) and one of our support folks will assist you further on this.

@Gospellove0 To know your Freshdesk URL, please navigate to and click on "Forgot your helpdesk name". Enter the agent email address and the list of Freshdesk URLs associated with the agent email address will be mailed