Placeholders in signatures

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It would be great to be able to embed placeholders (product name etc) into the signature. This would enable us to offer a more personalised experience for each product we support.

Thanks, Andrew.

 This would be excellent feature and more user-friendly than defining explicitly signatures for each product / agent.

This would be a superb feature. Or the ability to create multiple signatures per brand.

I too think this would help a lot. Currently we need to keep our signatures very generic since we use FreshDesk to support multiple products. Placeholders or the ability to customize signatures for different products would mean we can have better signatures that resonate better with our customers.




I was given a freshplug for one signature per product which works wonderfully but really what I require is one signature per product email since I have multiple emails for the same product. 

That would be really nice to have just like others have mentioned.

Hello Folks,

The ability to use placeholders is available on the agent signature page.Sorry that we haven't updated this thread for a very long time.

 You'd be able to choose from across different modules like user,ticket or product properties.