Print ticket leads to a notfound error

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When viewing a ticket, we can't print it anymore (using "3 dots" button and "print").

When I click on "print" button, the page is redirected to something like :

**** and then redirected again to ****

It seems to happend with all tickets.

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Same problem here.  The url being directed to changed form ...\helpdesk\... to ...\a\... and changing the url manually still works.

This is happening for our support site as well. I discovered a temporary work around which is to manually create the URL that the Print button is supposed to navigate to. 
Enter this into your URL bar: **** instead of the /a/ that the button is inserting use /helpdesk/.

Same here also. The temporary solution you can use it to manually create the URL since the print button is not sending the correct information.
Example: try using **** replace the /a/ with /helpdesk/ on the URL and simply change the tickets # for whichever ticket you would like to print.

Just wanted to report that I was also having the same issue, and Paul Bolen's solution does work, but I had a hard time understanding it so I'm clarifying in case it helps someone else. 

Typical Ticket URL:

Change to this URL:

And then it will open the correct page to print.

Hopefully they fix this soon.

same here. please advise, freshdesk!

Hello Freshdesk,

We are facing the same issue with printing via the 3 dots. 

Please fix a.s.a.p.

same here. please advise, freshdesk!

We are also having this issue.

 Add us to the list of users with this problem

We are getting the same error here

@MatthewBarrett thanks for the workaround.

Is there a way to send that bug to the freshdesk team ?



I submitted a Freshdesk support ticket by again using a manual URL:

I suggest more users do the same as it can only help them discover and resolve it sooner.

It seems to be fixed :)


Within our company we also don't face the error anymore!

Hello you guys!

Apologies for the delay in replying to this thread. There was a bug that was causing this issue which was fixed in the following days since the issue started. You should not be running into this problem anymore.

Thanks for bringing this to our notice and being patient until the fix was deployed.