Private Solutions for Customers

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I would like to have the ability to create solutions that only specific customers can see, such as staff. This doesn't seem to be possible at this time. I know we can setup private Solutions for agents, but not customers. If we could assign customers to groups and give that group access to specific solutions then that would be great. Possible?

We've worked around this issue by using the Companies like Groups, but for customers. We only use FD internally for our company and have no real use to separate companies in the helpdesk. 

Then in solutions, set the category of solutions to only be visible for certain companies.

For example, we have companies called Store Staff, Home Office, Franchise Owners, Store Managers, etc.

That sounds exactly like what we need to do. I need to share specific solutions with just our staff and instructors, so I will create a seperate company for them and make the specific solution visible to the new company. They will need to login to see the solutions, but that's what we want. Thanks Josh this has sparked a lot of new ideas on how we can handle solutions at Stanly Community College for staff and instructor.

That's a wonderful workaround Josh and thanks for sharing it. I would like to let you know that we are working on introducing Contact Lists (User Groups) which will help you to manage your customer list more effectively and the same can be used on the solution visibility. I will keep you posted once we roll out the feature. Thanks :)

Sajesh that sounds exactly like what I asked about in my first posting, so that's great news. I think having the capability to put customers in list or groups will open lot of new ideas including restricting access to solutions. Any idea on when they may add customer list or groups?

It's great to know that the feature will be helpful and open up a lot of new ideas. The feature is currently in the initial stages and I am afraid that I will not be able to give a concrete ETA on it. However, I will keep you updated when we have a close ETA. 

Sajesh, I think the feature would be most useful if it applied to both Contacts and Companies (so that a group could apply to either or both). One implementation you may want to consider is "security tags" (vs static groups) - so you can assign roles to tags and then assign tags to different objects (contacts, etc). As an example, you could assign a tag to a specific set of KB articles and then that same tag to groups/contacts who should see it. This would offer flexibility and should fit well in your existing architecture. 

I think Keith's idea is exactly how I picture private solutions being implemented and easiest to manage. We just implemented Josh's workaround and works great, but it doesn't give us much flexibility. We can't put the customer or employees in multiple companies, so it restricts sharing. Also, we can only control who sees the folder and not the actual solutions. We need to be able to give access to specific solutions and not just the folder. It’s nice to have the ability to post private solutions, but we would like to see more flexibility.


Sajesh can we get an update on progress with private solutions and what that might look like and a timeline? Since a lot of new features have been added recently I'm hoping you have some new information to share. I also what to thank everyone for their comments and ideas. They have really helped a lot.

Sajesh do you have an update on Private solutions for Freshdesk. Also, we like to see Private solutions for specific agents. We have solutions that some agents need to see, but not others. Will this been an option, or doesn't anyone know a work around? For customer we use Josh idea of using different companies, but that won't work with Agents. 

Terry, we will initially be looking into the Contact Lists (User Groups) feature that let's you manage your customer list. 

Regarding your particular request about setting permissions to a set of specific agents, we are thinking about introducing the permission at the 'Agent Groups' level in addition to the 'Agents only' permission. 

However, the same will be considered either along with the Contact Lists feature or after it as there are certain feature sets under development. Hope you understand, thanks :)

Thanks Sajesh for the update. That would work if a customer can be in two different contact list. Will we be able to put customers in two different contact list or groups? Any idea of the timeline and when this will be implemented? 

+1 " introducing the permission at the 'Agent Groups' level in addition to the 'Agents only' permission. "


Yes, contacts can be part of multiple contact lists. We are trying to build a smart list that can be used across modules within the product. Since the scope of the feature is widened, I am afraid I will not be able to comment on the exact ETA. However, we are trying to get it out by Q3. I will make sure to keep you posted about the same. Thanks!

That's great news and sounds like it is exactly what we need. Yes, please keep me updated we're very excited to see this coming soon. 

I noticed some knowledge base features were added, but doesn't look like contact list has been updated to help with private solutions. Is this still coming? If yes, then any idea on when it may be added?

+2 introducing the permission at the 'Agent Groups' level in addition to the 'Agents only' permission.

Any news would be appreciated

Unfortunately it's clear that the launch of new products (FreshSales, etc) is superseding continued robust development on FreshDesk. This is the Way of All Things, but it's disappointing

A couple of months back, we launched Customer segments for Knowledge Base. Basically, you can setup your knowledge base and provide access to content to the required segment of customers. Read more about it here.