Reporting: Detailed Solutions (Knowledge Base) Reporting is CRITIAL

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Reporting on Solutions is non-existent and needs to be addressed ASAP as this is a critical part (self-help) of any ticketing system.

The absolute minimum should include:

  • Top N Most Viewed Articles

  • Top N Least Viewed Articles

  • Top N Most Highly Rated Articles

  • Top N Most Low Rated Articles

  • All articles from most viewed to least viewed

  • All articles from highest rated to lowest rated

  • All articles from most recent to oldest

In addition to this, you should track deflection rate by tracking how often a users starts a ticket, then see the list of possible matches to their question and finds the answer without actually creating a ticket. This is incredibly powerful information for determining which articles in the KB are the most helpful at deflecting tickets from agents.

Agree 100%!!  This is BASIC Knowledgebase reporting information. 

This is absolutely a necessity. Has there been any progress on this ? 7 months and no response from freshdesk !!

Still no reports on knowledge base until now?

I agree on this too. Now we manually do this and that is a lot of (unnecessity) work.

We had to choose another application due to this requirement being missing. Other than that, Freskdesk would have been our first choice as it had all the other functionality needed.

One of a number of reasons that we are currently migrating to a different system. Our board is pressing my team for improvements that hinge in part on the effectiveness of our documentation, and we're currently spending far too much time combing through stats manually - the system we migrate to has this baked in and stats surface in just a couple of clicks. 

Josh - What system is that?

Not to oversell it, necessarily, but we're moving to Zendesk. We're still likely going to have to plug in a few other tools to get everything we'd like to have but daily stats, document info, etc, is much more useful, at least for our purposes. 

Interesting. I don't understand why Freshdesk has not updated reporting on article analytics.  Its the heart of what they provide, yet we can't even determine if its effective!  So annoying!  I've had it for 3 years and the analytics are horrible!

Still no solutions on analytics.  They suggest an integration with Google Analytics.  UGH.  We need a movement to make them "take it up" 

Bumping this thread, is there any progress? About to go with ZenDesk or HelpScout to get KB reporting.


I know this one's coming too late but trust me, we've made some considerable progress with this request. KB reporting has been one of the most sought after feature when it comes to self-service. We already have this in our plans for the year and I would be happy to share a tentative ETA once we make some considerable progress with the development.

I'm going to bump this up to the product manager and see if we can get this up on our priority queue.Thanks to everyone involved in this discussion.


finally! thank you =)

it also might be useful to have a stat showing "hot" articles, i.e. articles that have gotten a lot of views in a short amount of time

another suggestion would be to be able to track linked articles (articles that have been suggested/linked from agents to customers) 

Any update on this suggestion? We are considering a move to another system as well due to the lack of KB reporting and the overall lack decent reporting tools. There should be an easy way to hook FD up to a tool like Tableau or GoodData to get better analytics.

Any update? This might keep us from adopting Freshdesk... 

@Jennifer: KB reporting is one of our priority items for this quarter and I'll keep adding more on this as and when we hit some milestones.

While we're looking to bring in more analytics around the KB within the system, you can also explore the option of integrating freshdesk with your Google Analytics account to get some good data ;)


Hello Aravind,

Seeing that we are nearing the end of the quarter, has any progress been made in this area?  Thanks alot for your efforts in this area, as well as in others!

Will this reporting look at the step before the solution as well? 
What are people searching for...

Keywords customer use is so important as you can use that language in the titles, content and meta-data to make sure people find what they are looking for. I would like to see 2 reports minimum here:

- Most common searched terms

- Most common searched terms that return no results

There was a separate topic for this but it's been merged with this so I would assume it's going to be covered here? Didn't want to assume though so thought I would ask directly.

Any update on this? We would really like to have the analytics feature up and running for our Knowledge base.

@Aravind S - it's been almost a year.

Any movement on knowledge base analytics?!

Same, this is crucial for us and our University website. Can we please have an update on this?

Any movement on this??  Lack of data on our Solutions base is becoming a big deal. 

Does anyone have recent suggestions for other platforms that would include this functionality?  Pros/cons?


I agree - we need this. This was touted during the sales process for Freshdesk to us in June - that we could instantly see reporting on how many customers used the KB and WHAT they clicked on. Also, we were told that we would see a report of percentages of customers that found self help assistance, via KB, and did not have to enter a ticket based on that. Where is this?

This thread is over a year old and I see nothing like what we were told was available, that is worrisome.

Ive had to resort to using Google Analytics and instantiating a tag in the global header in order to get around this. Most CRM's have the most basic reporting such as knowledgebase article use, that is not brain science to implement. The lack of it is a bit disappointing. I encourage its addition in upcoming updates to Freshdesk.