Segment CSAT Completion Email Notifications from Agent / Requester Replies to Ticket

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Today, any time an end-user completes a CSAT survey, it triggers the Agent Notification / Requester Replies to Ticket notification.  And the customer comment.body is empty, so it's hard to understand what's happening at a glance.

Could you separate CSAT survey responses in to a separate Email Notification category so we could customize how they email (or don't email out) to agents?

Thank you!


Hi Ryan,

That is indeed a great suggestion and we agree it would be helpful for you to be aware of the survey responses. We shall pass this on to our team!


Why this is archived? Please reopen this, we need this.

Adding heat to this suggestion, was about to report the same..  Can’t fathom why 'Requester Replies to Ticket' email template is used for CSAT response, but with no placeholder to include the details of the survey response, so you just end up with a blank reply/comment.

The suggestion from FD help was to add separate automation emails, but then you’ll end up with two emails for every CSAT response, which is just barmy.