Solution for linking solutions to each other

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There is a great need for linking the solutions to each other, to give the reader the best experience / fast finding referenced solutions.
Currently I have to link manually from one solution to another: first i have to open a new tab, search for the solutions, get the link, and paste it to the link window.

It would be better if we have some improvements e.g.:
  • At the bottom footer, show automatically relevant solutions (maybe over the tags, or a intelligent search)
  • Give me a possibility to fast link a word / sentence to other solutions (like in ticket solutions)
  • Make global Links, for automatic linking -> so if the Word "Drag-n-Drop" is found in an solution, it is automatically linked to the saved location.

best regards!
Andreas Jonderko 

Yes, turning the solutions into something more like a wiki would be extremely helpful!

I would love something like this. Currently, linking solutions between themselves is really cumbersome.


I would love to see a permanent URL automatically generated for a webpage (e.g. so that the URL is fairly short and we know that it will never change.

I'd like to have another option in the "Insert Link..." area of the content editor called "Solution" (i.e. the options would be URL, Email, Anchor, Solution) that has a search box to filter solutions and lets you choose a solution to enter. I'll create a mockup and upload it to this thread.


Linking relevant solutions is definitely on our road map. Though I won't be able to provide an ETA, we will surely be working on this. 


Hi Phillip, 

We just may have what you are looking for. Permanent URL's are generated for the solutions. Lets take an example,in the solution below the id 99047 remains constant. 

If you type in the below address, it would still direct you to the same solution. 

The tail of the URL will change only if you change the the title of the solution.Agreed it may be a little longer, but hope this works. 

Cool feature, hope to see it soon

Any news or updates on this feature?


I'm currently hardcoding all my links in my solutions articles. I keep a spreadsheet of all my solution titles and URLs. Having a way to select an article from a drop-down list would be very helpful.

I'll add to the list of customers asking for this - it would be very handy indeed.

Adding my +3 votes for this as well

I would definitely like to see this, too. A drop-down list of available solutions (ordered by relevance or title, or with a mini search box) would be perfect.

I'm also just building the Solutions area after migrating to FD and this would be very useful as creating and tidying the links is time consuming.

I'd see it along the lines of any article that has matching tags is listed and you can click and article and select add link.

Hi FD Team,

Bit worried to see that this feature request is 4 years old! I would consider this feature basic functionality for a knowledge base system :(

You already have the ability to add a solution link or content when replying to a ticket from the same rich text editor, how hard is it to add that same ability to the solutions rich text editor?

Really hope you can sort this out soon.

Definitely need this feature to quickly add related articles.

Wow, hard for me to believe it was not there when we began to right our KB and FAQ....

Really important to us.

So count my vote on this one!
This one is planned .... But created four years ago, any chance to see it?

A quick update on this thread. 

We have been actively working on a completely new editor for our Knowledge Base and you can follow it under a separate thread here. However, once we roll out the new editor, we will make sure to add the ability to link articles to each other within a knowledge base which is in our next to-do. You can watch this space for more updates.

Follow our Announcements sections here to know more about our product updates.

any news on this - 4 years for inclusion of a enhancement must be some sort of record??

Controlling what to show on the right sidebar (related articles) is essential and we also need it. Currently it is a complete mess.

Linking from one article to a specific point in another would be very useful.

@Sajesh - is there any movement on being able to link articles together without having to depend on the system linking related articles (this feature does not work at all and it's very frustrating)?

At this time i really would like to question if there is any effort from freshdesk devloping good ideas from customers at all? This has been open for 4 years now. Another thread about full text indexing of documents inside solutions (for customer search) is the same. I am sorry but i do not feel that freshdesk is putting much effort into this system anymore. We are using it for 2 years now and there has been no mentionable improvement for small customers like us, since.


ditto here.  I would honestly like to see the linking of solutions to be more seamless.  Related articles are a must, and also, if we had the ability to automatically send solution search results when a ticket is created (dispatcher or observer rule) - that would be great!

Example:  customer has problem 123

Automatic email is sent with solutions search results based on the customer's query, when ticket is created outside of our business hours

I have some code that you can add to your solution view page that will force the related articles to be the articles in the folder.  It's not ideal but it sure is better than random articles that have no rhyme or reason for being there.  How we have structured our KB makes this feature valuable.  Although we still would want the ability to set our related articles when creating the solution.

You can add the replace the 'related articles' section below in your Article View customization page to populate articles from the same folder:


<section class="sidebar content rounded-6 fc-related-articles">

<h3 class="list-lead">Related Articles</h3>

{% assign artid =}

{% if portal.has_solutions %}


{% for category in portal.solution_categories %}

{% if != "Do not delete" and category.folders_count > 0 %}

{% for folder in category.folders %}

{% if == %}

{% paginate folder.articles by 100 %}

{% for article in paginate.collection %}

{% if artid != %}


<div class="ellipsis">

<a href="{{article.url}}">{{article.title}}</a>



{% endif %}

{% endfor %}

{% endpaginate %}

{% endif %}

{% endfor %}

{% endif %}

{% endfor %}


{% endif %}



Hi there,

Any update about this idea from 6 years ago? Just linking in one solution to another solution would be great... writing something like "if you want to know more, read XYZ" without having to link to the actual url, would be fantastic. It would save me so much time! Especially since our KB also shows up in Elevio and I already have two systems to maintain....

I understand it takes time to develop new features and you have to make choices what to focus on, but anything that makes an agent work more efficient should be a priority to you, right?