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There are an awful lot spammed with Fresh Desk.

have to get a better filter for this.

+1, I get a LOT of spam and re-enabling Google's spam filter is not an option because we don't visit the original google account, we only work in Freshdesk.

Hello Jimmy and Carl,

Thank you for reaching out to us on our Forums. 

Can you please fill me in with more details on what exactly do you mean by a LOT of spam? That way, I guess I can help you resolve it much better.



I've been getting about 3 messages a day

We are also getting spam tickets. Please provide a way to stop spam tickets. 

Any update here?  I am facing the same issue.

Is the spam directed at your front end support email address or your back end Freshdesk email pipe address?

Has there been any more development on this issue?  I've just recently set up our Freshdesk solution, and not being able to properly filter out spam is turning into a real problem.  I can set up Rules to watch for certain keywords, and take the appropriate action, however if you have a look at the attached screenshot, there's no way I'll be able to address these.  

Any thoughts?


Hi Travis, 

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, we are working on fixing this. 



Just to add to this I am getting a few spam messages through every couple of days, it is enough to manually remove at the moment but like the others say it is something ideally we should not have to deal with.

We were getting so much spam I had to create a dispatchr rule to look at email addresses. Only approved domains went through, if it was not approved I auto moved it to spam queue instead of ticket queue.


We have have introduced a spam filter and admins can now mark a topic as spam and review it later. 

More on this topic in this thread. 


The only problem with this feature is that you can not add any address to spam. Mark as spam simply does not work on our freshdesk. Please have a look at it again. How it should work? Move the contact to blocked group? In editing contact there is no such option. There is no such filter as spammers to to check if they were added and so on.





Just to follow up it is really annoying how much spam we are getting via freshdesk. Can you please let me know why spam is not working please?


Hi Thomas, 

My apologies for the late reply.   

I'm really sorry that we have not been able to weed out the spam. We are working on improving the spam filter. Meanwhile, it would be great if you could mark some posts as spam, this would help train the filter better.  

I'm sorry again for the inconvenience, we are working on fixing this issue.

I am still seeing an awful lot of spam. Any more progress on this?

Despite marking these tickets for months (to train the spam filter) about 25% of tickets are spam.

I received an email that Abishek replied to me with the following "We have introduced a moderation feature that should help with your problem. You can take a look at this article to learn more" but I cannot find the reply and there was no article included for me to check out?  Am I missing something?

Hi Kristen,

My reply was regarding Forum spam and not ticketing SPAM. I deleted the reply immediately after I posted it. I apologize for the confusion.


The amount of blatant, easy to filter spam that is getting through is insane.

If you just blocked email that contained the user name "Viagra", "Canadian Pharmacy", and "Cialis" and you'd knock out most of it.

I mean look at the attached screenshot. Spam assassin from 2004 with no updates would solve these problems.


Hi Kristen and Paul,

I apologise for the spam issue that you have faced recently. We are building a spam filter that will solve this problem for both tickets as well as forums. We have rolled it out recently for forums and we will be for tickets in the near future.

@Paul- Ideally, all incoming emails should be coming into your freshdesk account from your original support mail box (which has an inbuild spam filter). In case you have used the freshdesk forwarding address directly as your support mail address, the chances of incoming spam mails will be a little higher. Please bear with us till we roll out ticket spam filters to avoid spam in this scenario as well. Continue to mark the ticket and sender as spam in the meantime.

We appreciate your patience in this regard. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Hey everyone

I have seen a BIG increase in our spam since we moved over to FreshDesk. We are getting hammered with Spam, 25+ each day... 

Sure marking these as spam, and blocking the contact is one thing.. but more on the side can FreshDesk implement something that pro-actively blocks spam from coming into the inbox. 

Furthermore, do you have plans on giving us Admins the ability to change the "Spam Threshold"? 

Hi guys,
We have the same issue. There is lots of spam we are getting every day. A proper spam filter need to be implemented! Please let us know when the spam filter will be in place. Thank you. 


Just to add to this conversation. I run a spam scrubbing service (I get maybe 2-3 pieces of spam every 6 months or so to my own address) so let me tell you that blocking spam is not as easy as just filtering on certain words. Even utilising blocklists is not sufficient. However apart from that, HOW you get SPAM makes a big difference.

If you have a setup where you have one email address (IE, that forwards to your freshdesk support account (IE,, then you have TWO places you can get SPAM from. Either someone is emailing your first address (which is then forwarded to Freshdesk, or someone is emailing your second address (hopefully unlikely as this address should never be public).

If its your first address (ie,, then its not a Freshdesk issue. Being one step away from the original MTA that received the SPAM, they have a lot less info about the email to work with. In this case, the fault lies with the first server as it has the best opportunity to test for and block SPAM. Best option is to put on spam blocking software on whatever machine that is (I have a very low opinion of most spam blocking software, but some is better than none) OR make use of a spam scrubbing service who will accept the mail first, run it through a whole host of rules, then forwards the clean messages that pass to your server, which then forwards the specific address on to freshdesk.

Just an opinion of a 3rd party.


My sincere apologies for not updating this thread for a very long time. We hear your problems and we've a pro-active spam filtering feature available in BETA now. This automatically looks for suspicious emails and moves them to spam folder without any manual intervention. The initial report from the users who got early beta access has been excellent.

Drop us a note here or write to us on to get this BETA feature enabled for your account.


Hi, there.  Any updates on this?  We've received some very objectionable content that is not being filtered out.  We just realized it seems to be coming from our Freshdesk email address, rather than our front end support email address.  


Hello Kevin,

It's really unfortunate that you're receiving spam emails on your Freshdesk account. Is there a pattern that you're able to decode with the spam emails? This will help us to troubleshoot the issue better.