Template management (admin) - Functionality not intuitive

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Hi there!

We are a logistics company that encounter a lot of the same issues. Therefore we use a lot of templates in these standard situations.

As we grow, learn more about FreshDesk and with situational changes, we need to adjust the excisting templates. This is quite a task at the moment.

Below I will state some problems and suggestions.

  1. Search option for templates
    As it is now, you have to go through the alfabatical list of templates to find your template. And when you change your template and save it, you jump back to the start.
    This could be solved by having a search function.
  2. After saving, FD jumps back to beginning
    As stated in my previous point, after applying changes you jump back to the start on page 1. Now you will have to remember the page and email you where working on.
    It would be helpfull if you would remain on the current page so you can continue.
  3. Sorting function
    A function where you can sort the templates.
    Assuming point 1 and 2 are options, you could search your templates, sort them by ‘last edited - Asc./dec.’ and work through them in order fast and efficiently.
  4. Function to open Template in a new tab
    At the moment when you try to open a Template in a new tab you get ‘an error’.
    “He who is wandering is not always lost”, if Im correct.
    Being able to open multiple Templates in new tabs allows me to go through them one by one and ensure I have not overlooked one. In some cases I need to change 10 to 20 templates due to multiple, minor, variations (receiver of email, different option, different carriers, etc.)
    Also, copy/pasting changes in each one will become much easier. If you for instance want to change multiple fields, you cannot copy/past it all at once. With this option you would be able to copy/past one field, and go through all 10 tabs. Next field, repeat.

These changes can make a real difference. To adjust 10 emails can take me an hour or more, with these, hopefully easy to program, options I would be able to do it within minutes.

The main task is not making the actual changes, but triple checking yourself if you have not overlooked any minor detail. 
We work with an automation where closed tickets re-open when they are replied to. When mistakes are made with a template it can mean an automation is not applied and the email does not re-open. Missing important responses from our customers and partners alike.

Thank you in advance for reading my comments and I look forward to hear from you.

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