ticket field - dependent field

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We are having an issue with the ticket field - dependent field. We have quite a few Level 1 dropdown choices. Level 2 always populates at the top. I would like to suggest or would it be possible to have Level 2 choices populate directly to the right of the Level 1 choice that it's associated with.

For example. If we have 100 Level 1 options, so to add a new choice, we need to scroll all the way to the bottom. But, then when we add the Level 2 options associated with the new Level 1 option, we need to scroll all the way back to the top. It's a lot of unnecessary scrolling.


Hi, Angela.

Unfortunately, starting the dropdown field from where the Level one field was selected would mean that the choices below would take a lot of space below and there will be a lot of unused blank space on the top of the choices. I understand that this layout requires a lot of scrolling when the number of choices is huge. We'll definitely explore better ways to make the experience of adding new choices easy when there are a lot of pre-existing choices.

Thanks for the input.