Times New Roman is the default font?!

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Okay why is the font of replies to Times New Roman? It has to be the ugliest most despised font (apart from comic sans). We are actually getting cutomers comment on how ugly the replies are. Can we PLEASE have the default font set to (arial, helvetica, sans-serif)
I think there should be an option to change the font. We would prefer to use Verdana.
This is such a simple thing to change, why has it not been done already??
Come on, how long does it take to change the font? It is one of the most simple code changes there is. 8 customers like this and it has been Planned for more than 3 months. 
Freshdesk started well but recently the support has been very "ZenDesk".
Hi Guys

I understand the problem faced here, but we do have to keep other users in count too. If we change the default font to something else, Apart from the 9 Users who voted for this will come back asking to revert and include something else.

If we allowed direct option in the HTML editor to have fonts option, we may not know how the other systems will fetch the data in. We may have to consider the languages too, which is why we're not adding the FONTs option in our editor. Frankly speaking its a single line of code, that needs to be added to the editor, but once done, we don't know How it can affect the outgoing mails in other languages, which is why we're testing it and we will include it slowly

Certainly not "Zen" but we don't want to make existing customers angry

Hope you understand

Can you customise the HTML of the emails sent out? That would allow us to change the font. We'd like ours to imitate an email sent from Outlook.
I thought it was generally accepted that sans-serif fonts (like Arial or Verdana) display better on computer screens than serif fonts like Times New Roman?

Hi there, I too am really missing the option to change the font in the editor for emails and for ticket submition; perhaps this could be a setting on the form editor. And if the concern is that this might behave badly in some systems, perhaps you should just add a warning when the user clicks the button the first time.

In my tickets people sometimes paste lines of code and therefore it would be much appreciated if they could change the font on those pieces of text to courier new....

EDIT: Why is this marked as implemented...??

We would like to have an option to change the font. Keep default font same as it is, and alow us to change the font to someting else.  

Please allow us to change the font while replying to tickets and in canned responses.

Or at least change it to Arial! Times New Roman is ugly and our clients keep saying that the replies are ugly!


We also like to have some flexibilty in changing the email font and layout. 

Please Vijay, a properly formatted email essential for business use.

Have you  planned any changes?


We also need custom HTML emails. Please implement an expert mode where you can customize the templates.

The simple dropdown with few popular fonts to select as a font face in customisation section would do the trick.

 Times new Roman is very ugly and not the default outlook font.

I can't imagine that other customers love the Times New Roman font.

Please change the default in Arial.

Greetings, Dave

 I agree with other users who are requesting a drop-down with a few popular fonts.  We are considering switching to Freshdesk, but our company uses Verdana as the standard font, and not having this capability would be a deal breaker.  Arial might be acceptable, but Times New Roman?! Might as well have made it Wingdings!

This is a constant complaint from our users. Times New Roman is archaic. 

Obviously Freshdesk just doesn't listen anymore. IF the browser system used Times then okay, I can see that consistency is important but the whole system is in arial. EVERYTHING is sans-serif. So not only is it ugly, it is inconsistent. 

Please fix this simple issue. 

Is there any update on this?

When will we be able to change the font used in the html replies?

At least it would be awesome if the default font could be switched to Arial instead of the ugly Times New Roman.


Would it not make sense that the default font could be set through the admin portal so each client can decide which font works for them as opposed to you deciding for them?

We are also waiting for the feature for changing the fonts. Times New Roman just does not look good on the screen. I agree that a dropdown with some common fonts will be great!

I hope we are being heard.



I just realized this. My customers are used to OTRS's (which does superb HTML email/RTE handling and uses standard Arial),  so this is going to be messy... :(

Freshdesk, please provide options for this!

"If we allowed direct option in the HTML editor to have fonts option, we may not know how the other systems will fetch the data in. We may have to consider the languages too, which is why we're not adding the FONTs option in our editor. "

Replying to this, I'm sorry but I have to make comparison to give perspective. I still use OTRS 2.4, the RTE is old comparing to yours, it uses Arial as default and let's the user change it to another 5 options. It works perfectly, there are no complaints of problems on "other systems" at all, with multiple customers around the world, since 5 years ago.

Please add option to change the fonts. If you compare Freshdesk with Zendesk and Uservoice than Freshdesk is way behind on this one!

Quite frankly this is a massive shock to me.  I have only started creating canned responses, and using them, and within a few days I already have customer complaints not to mention my marketing / branding department.  The lack of font options, whether it be full scale html editor, or just a simple choose your default font type, it quite arcaic and really a show stopper for me.  I am meant to be using a help desk system to help reduce complaints and provide a higher quality service to my customers but yet, I am getting complaints.

Freshdesk support / Is this planned for?  How far?  What seems to be the challenge?  While I am not longer a programmer I do have years and years of experience at it and do not understand the motivation for not providing this.


Why bother posting. Freshdesk has pretty much disregarded this forum, support request and feature request. It has been a year with a large number of users complaining. Fresh desk is more concerned about making "Game" type help desks rather than make the fundamental components correctly. 

As a developer I know it is a basic change, they just don't care.

A year ago, when we decided to use FreshDesk, they were very responsive to bugs and feature requests. Now you wont hear boo from them unless they have made a massive mistake on the servers.

Happy Days,

Just got this reply from FreshDesk:

Hi Marc,

First off, let me apologize to you for making you feel unheard. Based on your feedback, we have gone ahead and changed the default font to Helvetica and Serif. We are planning to introduce options for our customers to change their font for their account. That might take a little more time to implement. In our earlier system, we never set any font so some systems defaulted to showing the content in Times New Roman. Hope this has solved your problem for the time being.

Product Manager

And please set a smaller font size...