wiki style solutions and TOC

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It would be great to be able to use wiki style formatting and table of content inserts into solutions.

I think the 3 level nesting of solutions is a good limit but being able to add a table of contents to a solution is needed to provide a better overview.

Take a look at the freshdesk API solution info at

imo it's very hard to jump to the right API topic.


Also imagine a situation where you have a solution in the form of Manual > Settings > Users, you would like more nesting for describing how to add users, delete users, etc.

Hi Tom

Agreed that we need to improve the 'Nesting'. We are going to make some improvements in Solutions for easily re-ordering the solution articles or Folders. We will try to bring more improvements to the Solution Tree.


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A wiki-style TOC based on headings would be extremely useful!


A TOC based on solution article 'Font Size' (Huge/Large/Medium)would be very useful and provide users the ability to navigate quickly to desired sections of an article.


You can create anchor links to make it easier for users to quickly navigate to a specific section of the solution article. To know more about anchor tags, please refer to this writeup.


Agreed with the original post from 7 years ago. Our company wants full service support (forums, knowledge base, and tickets) and Freshdesk looks spot on, except for the lack of a sticky TOC for quick navigation. This alone makes it so we cannot use it. There’s only a handful of comments on this post, but if you look at a similar request ( for Zendesk, there are almost 30 comments with people sharing complex Javascript hacks to try and solve it.

We’ve submitted a ticket to Freshdesk, and hopefully this is integrated soon. Here are a couple nice examples of how it needs to look: (we currently use this)

Is there any feasible solution to this issue now?

@Stephen Having a sticky TOC is a great idea. We're currently working on some enhancements to the knowledge base and we'll consider this for the future updates.

@Trupti, Although you cannot create a TOC out-of-box with Freshdesk, you can still create a sticky header at the beginning of your article with the titles linked to specific sections using Anchor tags. You can check this article to know how you can use anchor tags to achieve this.


Yes, it would be great to see this type of navigation in article :)

Freshdesk Team, you can do it ! ;)

Hi Andre, We are planning to launch the Table of content feature in the knowledge base by this month. Please make sure you follow our product updates for more details and do let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.




It would be great to have a TOC as the sidebar on my Article page. This represents the tree structure of the Knowledge Base. Any update on when this TOC feature is available?

So nice to here about this!

To have a sticky TOC side bar at the right or left of your articles made in the Knowledge base have I waited for for a long time :D

We had rolled out a bunch of interesting and useful updates in the knowledge base editor, it includes the Table of Content feature as well. You can read more about it here.