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Hello FS devs,


Another idea with the workflow automator. It would be nice on conditional nodes to be able to move the next action connection. Lets say I have a very detailed automation, with main steps and sub steps following. I need each main step to complete regardless of a previous substep failing. 


An Example: Creating a user account in Google, I have the workflow check to see if there is already an account, if so the workflow stops. If not then proceed with creating the account. Right now I have to split the workflow among different workflows because of this. Basically I would like to see the ability to route the conditional yes/no to a later step (bypassing some if they are not needed) Here is a picture of an example:


I can do this now but I have to repeat nodes over and over to achieve this making the automation very cluttered and redundant. 

Can i echo this, we have very complex workflows that do not need to be that complex all because we cannot choose where the flow will go next. 

We have to duplicate steps over and over, in some cases we have multiple triggers that split the flow and have 12 duplicate automations for the same action!

I as well have to create more complex workflows than need to skirt around some of this as well. For instance getting manager approval. If the manager puts the ticket in and I want to skip their approval BUT I have other processes like a business approver or automation tasks, you have to build two separate workflows.

If the requestor is the CEO and doesn’t have a manager, I also have to create different workflows for the same process but skip for this exception. 

Being able to jump to another spot in the workflow would avoid a lot of rework and complex processing with separately defined workflows.

nice! I wanted to create the exact same feature request as you did. +1

Plus one for this, it overcomplicates worklfows that involve mutliple duplicates simply because you cannot skip to a step. Please implement this, it would be a huge deal for the workflow automator.

@Prashanth and @Shashang and @rashmi.nag @Jack Day 

This is what i was discussing with you on our Call the other day. Please can you drum up some support for this. 

Hi @KrisC @afautley and all

Thanks for bringing this up, this is a very valid ask. We understand how this could make it easier to setup complex workflows. I will highlight this to our product manager for orchestration and see if we can prioritize this in our roadmap. We will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, please continue to voice out your asks, this will really help us enhance our product.

Thank you