Workflow automator to recognise ticket changes made by System

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Changes to tickets made by the system are not recognized by the workflow automator triggers; this means that any changes made by the supervisor or by integrations, like Jira, which synchronise statuses, are not able to trigger workflows. Which seems to go against the point of automation if it cannot even recognize automated changes.


This is extremely frustrating as we want to trigger automations based on when a Jira ticket has been moved to a new status (for example). It also means that we cannot trigger things based on when tickets are closed by the supervisor too.


This could be implemented by having “Anyone” include the System changes. And then adding additonal options in the drop down for who can perform the action:







We are urgently hoping this gets implemented soon, as we are unable to use a multitude of Freshservice’s features because of this feature missing with workflow automations.


The thing we noticed while struggling with this ourselves, was that there are, in fact, two different System users. The System user with ID 0 (, the workflow automator itself?):



And another System user which, for example, creates the tickets which are generated by Freshdesk Contact Center (Freshcaller) or Feshservice Alert management. In our system this is a user with the ID 50000925730 (



It would really help, like the original poster requested as well, if the non-0-ID-System user could be allowed to initiate events performed by “Anyone”. Because when that user, for example, reopens a ticket via Alerts, which sets a ticket’s status to Open:



However, no workflow automations will trigger, because System user has been excluded from “Anyone”, even on workflows which are initiated by changing the status, such as:




However, these events clearly are triggered at certain situations, such as, when a ticket is raised, as you can see on the first image at the top. The System account 0 executed a workflow from the “Ticket is raised” event.


What is stopping Freshservice from enabling this for all workflow automations, not just when a ticket is raised? This would create so much more potential for workflow automations, instead of inhibiting us from creating these automations which would trigger when Freshservice itself (via integrations or other features) updates tickets itself.


Best regards and thank you in advance,


This would be a great feature! @Jack Day  this is something on our list. here is another example of other people wanting this feature. can this be bumped up please…
or at least looked into an alternative solution. 

The system is great at Orchestration (creating ad accounts etc). but we need to automate our orchestration to get the best out of the product. 

I heard this is because the system can get into loops when running on system events. perhaps putting some logic to stop the looping to enable this feature for us would be amazing!