Can we make Solutions categories invisible to end-users?

  • 7 December 2021
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Currently we’re using Guru to document our IT-specific processes (internal team processes not meant to be seen by end-users). I’d like to transition all of our knowledge-base and process documentation to Freshservice Solutions, but I have one minor question.


I know we can set the folder visibility, but I’d like to be able to create a category called “Internal Process Documentation” with folders inside that correspond to different types of documentation. If I do that, the “Internal Process Documentation” category will be visible in the portal even though the folders within are not. If we just stick the folders inside of another category we end up mixing our internal stuff with the “General” category or something like that, and it gets messy.


Is it possible now or will it ever be possible to hide categories so we don’t need to combine visible and invisible folders in the same category?



1 reply

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Hi ,


Greetings from Freshservice!


At the moment , we restrict visibility only for solution folders .We do not allow visibility restrictions for hiding Categories in Solution..But , we can hide the Solution Categories by using Portal Customization.


We can hide the category from end-users by applying the appropriate customisation. For further details,please reach out to  and our support team would be happy to help.




Team Freshservice