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  • 2 February 2023
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i saw a previous post (3yrs ago), but any option to build a custom page in freshservice?

it would be great to create more customized forms, also to display data that isnt available in freshservice. 


3 replies

With the ESM functionality made available to configure different workspace for different departments, I’d really like to see the option to allow our requestors to choose appropriate department on the landing page (support portal). This would help us only show them relevant service/issue categories and make the user experience much more cleaner/streamlined. 

I don’t see this option available currently within the requestor portal rebranding setting. Is this something that could be achieved using a custom theme possibly or planned for implementation within the product roadmap?



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You can create a separate web page outside of Freshservice and then link that URL in the Freshservice portal . But as a functionality to have a separate Freshservice web page on the portal is not available. 



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Could you please elaborate a little but?

There are some customization options in Admin page.

Also in admin page you may find Forms fields which allows to customize different forms, including time entry. This will allow to create custom fields not native to FreshService. Maybe this option would help with your post about display data that isnt available in freshservice?


Hope this helps.