Freshservice - find knowledge article from incident page

  • 25 August 2022
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Is it possible for agents to see related knowledge articles for incidents. Example if a knowledge article has a phase TAG  or Keyword, and this existing in the incident does Freshservice make the association for the agent? This is when an incident is already created and for the agent, not the requester. 

2 replies

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I am looking for the same feature. And I don’t really understand why this is locked behind “Freddy”, since this is a very basic feature.

You can add keywords to the knowledge articles and when adding a note or answer to the ticket you can click on “Solution Article” and the suggestion based on keywords already works. Why make us do the extra steps (Open Ticket → click on “Add Note” → click on “Solution Article” → click on suggested article) instead of using this already implemented keyword based suggestion and add it directly on the ticket page (Open Ticket → see and click on suggested article)


It already works if you are willing to work around the unnecessary limitation. There is also no need for machine learning to get keyword based suggestions.

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Hello @Daniella_Moses so right now you have probably seen that when an agent is creating a ticket, “Related Articles” are suggested based on the content of the Subject field.

For a ticket that is already created you would use “Freddy Suggestions” that uses machine learning to suggest knowledge base articles and similar tickets based on the content of the ticket.

Here is a link showcasing that feature

Hope that helps!