Freshdesk Release Notes - Feb 2023

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Freshdesk Release Notes - Feb 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Canned responses enhancements in Freshdesk

Import Canned Responses to create, update and delete them in bulk. Define metrics & derive insights into Canned Responses usage by agents.

More details here.



Configuring custom mail server in Freshdesk

Improve the user flow of custom mail server configuration to enable a guided experience with help text and a new seamless verification flow.

More details here.



Track failed email deliveries in Freshdesk

Get enhanced visibility over failed email deliveries sent to customers via the portal with a default filter view. Enable agents to act on undelivered ticket replies quickly.

More details here.



Custom field sync in Freshdesk-Freshservice integration

With this enhancement, you can sync custom ticket fields with default and other custom ticket fields between Freshdesk and Freshservice.

More details here.



Email threading enhancement in Freshdesk

Configure your own ticket threading identifier under Email settings. This way, you can avoid the wrong ticket getting appended to an existing ticket.

More details here.



Enhancements to Ticket Updation Automation

Stay updated on customer issues with better context with this enhancement. You can set up automation rules so that new tickets will be created whenever a customer responds to resolved or closed tickets. Earlier, this was handled using web hooks and support team involvement which lead to missed context. 



Large reply editor

Expand the reply editor and get more real estate to reply to tickets.

More details here



Simplified Data Export

Export tickets, contacts, companies, or even granular account data in easy steps and access it anytime, from a centralized window, within Freshdesk.

Available for customers who signed up after Feb 24, 2022. 

More details here. 



‘From email’ changes in Freshdesk Analytics exports

Earlier, Analytics scheduled exports were sent from From March 2023, they will be sent from

Bug fixes

These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.


  1. Special characters were displayed as HTML code on the ticket list page. 

  2. Knowledge base articles that were created as drafts via email were no longer visible on the portal after they were published.

  3. The portal edit page and tickets list page in the customer portal displayed an error when the custom objects feature was enabled but no objects were created yet. 

  4. The automation rule to create a new ticket failed when the rule was created without a subject line, even though the subject line was not mandatory. 

  5. Customers were unable to update existing agent details once they reached the agent creation limit.

  6. There was UI breakage in the customer portal when the ‘Related Articles’ pane was empty. 

  7. The company name associated with a contact disappeared when customers tried to edit the contact.  

  8. Customers were unable to send messages with only inline attachments; the Send Message button in the reply editor was disabled when there was no text in the reply editor. 

  9. The ticket activities page did not display the tags added. 

  10. Freshdesk to Salesforce ticket sync did not work as expected.

  11. There was UI breakage when inserting canned forms; there were 4/5 lines of text present in the reply editor. 

  12. Customers faced an error when trying to save ticket forms. 

  13. Agents were logged out when they tried to access canned responses from the personal folder.

  14. Ticket replies did not get threaded as expected after customers merged two tickets. 

  15. The ticket template screen was not completely translated into Swedish. 

  16. There were image alignment issues in the solution articles. 

  17. The Print option on the ticket page printed URLs on the page over the inline images. 

  18. When creating a child ticket, the text on the parent ticket reappeared when customers tried to select all and delete. 

  19. CCs were not retained for replies from contacts that were not part of the ticket. 

  20. Customers were unable to submit ticket forms through the customer portal when there were mandatory and non-mandatory fields configured. 

  21. The article link on Feedback tickets from Japanese-translated articles was broken. 

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