Streamline agent collaboration with Threads! (LIVE NOW!)

Agents can create Threads on Private notes, start a Discussion Thread, or while Forwarding a ticket to loop in fellow agents and other stakeholders to provide a complete context of the ticket. Threads organize conversations and focus discussions about the ticket or a topic within a particular ticket. It simplifies conversations on a chat-like experience for agents to collaborate with agents and stakeholders efficiently. Threads in FreshdeskAgents can collaborate within the ticket using different threads in Freshdesk:Forward Threads to collaborate on ticket forwards and keep track of subsequent replies.  Private Threads to collaborate on Private Notes, Public Notes, and agent or customer responses.  Discussion Threads to collaborate on a specific ticket in a chat-like interface to resolve issues faster. (Discussion Threads will be visible in the new ‘Threads’ panel and not on the ticket screen)Threads enable agents to Improve agility in initiating discussions with multiple stakeholders on a ticket in a focused manner. Effortlessly collaborate with fellow agents and third-party stakeholders while retaining context within the ticket. Organize internal collaboration without polluting the main conversation pane.Agents can tag and notify/collaborate with fellow Freshdesk agents or third parties (using Collaborators) on a Thread about a specific topic or an issue. They can invite any agent or parties into a Thread by an ‘@’ mention to invite them into the conversation, collaborate and resolve a ticket.  All conversations on Threads will be only visible to agents logged in to the Freshdesk support portal. Please refer to these solution articles to learn more about Threads.

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Freshchat Release Notes - April 2023

 New Features and Enhancements Bug fixes All Below features and enhancements are available to all customers from Apr 30, 2023 ​​​​​​. New Features and EnhancementsConnect Freshchat and Freshdesk easily: Easily connect your Freshchat and Freshdesk to view Tasks and Tickets in Freshchat, import solution articles as FAQs, and sync contacts. Task management in Freshchat: Help agents effortlessly collaborate to resolve customer issues by enabling them to create tasks in Freshchat within a conversation and assign them to a teammate/internal agent on Freshdesk, and effortlessly collaborate to resolve customer issues. Threads in Freshchat: Help agents organize and streamline conversations by allowing them to have focused discussions on customer queries without cluttering up the conversation pane. Quoted text in Emails: Enable agents to distinguish between old and new messages with Emails with quoted text. Agents can gain context from quoted content without scrolling through several replies. New Threading Logic: The new threading logic allows each topic to have a threading interval that determines when a new conversation should be created or continue on the same conversation. Conversation Properties: Enable agents to set measurable properties that can be used to analyze and optimize customer support operations. Contact management in the Team Inbox: Choose which contact fields to display in the Team Inbox. Associate contacts, identify duplicates and merge them directly from the Inbox. Bot analytics enhancement: New and improved bot analytics with access to more key metrics. Build detailed custom reports and gather better insights from your bot conversations with Freshchat. Terminal Action Validation: Terminal action validations are tooltips and cues to prevent users from creating conflicting bot flows or configuring improper assignments.  UCR for bot-based customer properties: Customer properties will soon be synced across agent conversations and bot conversations. The Contacts page will contain all the customer properties. Groups and Business Hours got a facelift: Create and edit your groups and business hours easily, and configure your agents' group-specific chat and phone preferences. Enhanced API library in the bot builder: Test out multipart APIs and configure URL-encoded APIs) in the bot builder to make it easier to configure chatbot APIs properly. Conversation Status: Enable agents to always be up-to-date and take faster action with the introduction of new conversation statuses at various stages of the resolution cycle.  Bug fixes These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.Some responses were not available under the dropdowns listed inside conditions.  A few languages were not rendered in the widget. This is fixed. Similarly, some languages were missing from the add language page. Sometimes, quick actions would fail while using a dropdown or a button in the bot. Occasionally, dialogs would trigger more than once when routed from the Answers module. At times, the regex would not work as intended while setting up conditions in the bot builder. If the bot builder is set to use a button input as the first input, it sometimes failed due to an empty message from the button. Similarly, it sometimes failed if quick actions were used as part of the first user message. Header parameters were displayed as part of the body parameters field while saving certain APIs. Some agents noticed multiple avatars with the same icon if multiple agents were viewing the same conversation.  Certain screen sizes and resolutions faced issues with scrolling and navigation if some banner notifications were shown. While filtering conversations, some agents faced issues where they could not access the last option. Some agents faced issues while adding conversation properties from the content picker in the bot builder.  Sometimes, a bot faced errors when it processed more than 50 dialogs.  The alias value would be displayed in a button instead of the display text for API responses in some bot flows.  Some Omnichannel customers noticed issues with accepting URL fields across Freshchat and Freshdesk.  Some agents faced an issue with the Inactivity Timer not working for new conversations. At times, the bot builder was showing an error if agents added a secondary button without a hyperlink in a carousel. Cheers!

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Freshdesk Release Notes - April 2023

New Features and Enhancements Bug fixes All Below features and enhancements are available to all customers from Apr 30, 2023 New Features and EnhancementsLanguage support for Custom Objects in FreshdeskUpload translated labels for your custom object names and field labels in Freshdesk. This will be displayed to the agents in their preferred language. More details here. Custom agent statuses in FreshdeskGet insights into how agents spend their time when unavailable to assist new customers. Use the availability dashboard to view and update the team’s statuses in real time. More details here. Bug fixes These were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.There were issues in loading a company's contacts list when there were many company associations. Ticket templates did not load when the section field had the custom object's field. Thread automation did not work when custom object automation was enabled. Duplicate activities were displayed on the ticket details page. The skill ID was set to null for a few tickets that were routed based on skills. Freddy's suggestion did not get applied for the Ticket Field 'Product' on the ticket details page. The text status was broken on the customer portal UI when the text status was long. The site went down when customers tried updating their vanity URL. Spaces at the beginning of a canned response title were not removed when customers saved it. Formatting of text in list format broke when agents tried to copy-paste them into the text editor. Customers were unable to apply the agent response filter in the List view. The ticket update button was enabled even when customers didn’t make any changes to the ticket properties. The Roles page translation was broken when the profile language was set to German. An error was thrown when customers tried to use Assume Identity of a contact. Customers were unable to add emails with the ‘+’ symbol as an action under Automations. Customers were facing an error when they tried to remove widgets from the dashboard. There was an issue with getting the conversations via public API. When customers exported tickets from the list view on the tickets page, the export email's subject displayed the wrong date. Customers were unable to use the scroll manually to slide across their advanced email settings. Updating the tags for a ticket did not send any app events. Customers were able to save the Company name without filling up the mandatory Contact field. Agents were not getting email notifications when tickets were assigned. The down arrow was not visible in the ticket properties section on Windows devices. Customers were unable to post agent replies as solution articles from the mobile app. Notifications were not sent out for tickets assigned to a group. The notifications on the Security page loaded only after a long delay when customers tried to add new admins to their accounts. The description was not carried over when customers tried to clone a ticket template. The Portal theme was broken and threw an error when customers added an emoji in portal customization. There were issues when customers tried to downgrade Field Service Management. Ticket activities did not show the assigned agent name when the assigned agent was deleted. The status was not translated while customers tried to view the child ticket status linked with a parent ticket in Swedish. The language dropdown in the customer portal was not unique on the home and ticket pages. There was a misalignment of the image after agents responded to a ticket. There were issues with selecting the text on the reply editor. Cheers!

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Freshservice Release Notes - May 2023

Note: All the features/enhancements below will be available on Starter and Growth plans on May 16th 2023. For Pro and Enterprise plans will be available on May 30th 2023.Product version: 2023.R05L.01New Features and Enhancements Major Incident Management now in Beta Beta launch of Zoom Meetings in Freshservice  Introducing Public Status Page Automated Health Status Update of Related Services Manually Associate Impacted Services with an Incident Placeholders in Alert Rules for Additional Context Reporting in On-Call Management ​Enabling Workspaces for Existing Customers  Distinctions between IT and Business workspaces Day Pass Consumption for Occasional Agents  Share Reports with Specific Agent Groups  Detailed Data Dictionary in Analytics Day Pass Consumption for Occasional Agents Improved SaaS Management Discovery and Sync Zoom Integration with Oauth Type Authentication Important updates Allow whitelisting of new Freshservice NAT IP addresses  Deprecation of old “List all” API endpoints  Deprecation of JWT Authentication for Zoom Orchestration App Deprecation of Alert endpoints Deprecation of Legacy AWS CloudWatch application Bug FixesNew Features and Enhancements Major Incident Management now in BetaCategory: IT Operations ManagementUsers will now be able to minimize the impact of service disruption with the Beta launch of the Major Incident Management module. With automated escalation, collaboration with context, and public status updates – minus any tool hopping – users can look forward to building business resilience. Note: This feature will be made available to Pro and Enterprise customers Jun 10, 2023 onwards.More details here. Beta launch of Zoom Meetings in Freshservice Category: IT Operations ManagementUsers will now be able to collaborate on incidents using Zoom Meetings in Freshservice. The integration, powered by the Freshworks Neo platform, replaces the existing marketplace integration, and offers greater security, scalability, and reliability.Note: This feature will be made available to Pro and Enterprise customers Jun 10, 2023 onwards.More details here.  Introducing Public Status PageCategory: IT Operations ManagementUsers will now be able to publish public updates about service status from within Freshservice. Available in the incident management module, the status page will enable users to keep their customers informed with ease.Note: This feature will be made available to Pro and Enterprise customers Jun 10, 2023 onwards. Automated Health Status Update of Related ServicesCategory: IT Operations ManagementUsers will now get a more accurate view of the state of their business with automated propagation of health status of a service to other services affected by it. When a service ‘Needs Attention’, the same status will now be applied to all impacted services up to 5 levels.More details here. Manually Associate Impacted Services with an IncidentCategory: IT Operations ManagementUsers can now manually associate an incident with a service. This would give them a more accurate view of the impact of an incident especially when the said service is not mapped to the primary impacted service, or is beyond level 5 in the service map. For Pro & Enterprise customers, the health of the said service will automatically be determined based on the associated incident.More details here. Placeholders in Alert Rules for Additional ContextCategory: IT Operations ManagementUsers can now make incidents created via Alert Rules more meaningful by inserting alert information in the incident using placeholders. These placeholders can include relevant information from the alert such as integration name, resource name, metric name etc. The additional context could help agents resolve the incident faster and minimize the impact on business operations. Reporting in On-Call ManagementCategory: IT Operations ManagementUsers can now improve their on-call performance by using the On-Call Management Analytics module. The module will help them assess on-call agent performance and gain insights about their on-call setup. ​Enabling Workspaces for Existing Customers Category: Freshservice for Business Teams   Starting May 2023, Workspaces will be enabled for all accounts in Service Desk mode across all pricing plans of Freshservice. In addition, customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans will be able to onboard departments such as HR, Facilities, Finance, Legal and more by purchasing the business-agent add-on license. This enablement will happen over the next 3 months and admins will receive an email and in-product communication 2 weeks prior to this feature being enabled in their respective account.More details here. Distinctions between IT and Business workspacesCategory: Freshservice for Business TeamsIT workspaces and Business workspaces (HR, Finance, Facilities, Legal, General template based) will now have the following distinct capabilities:IT workspaces will support only Incident & Service Request ticket types. Business workspaces will support only the Case ticket type (can be renamed to Query/Issue/Request). Only IT workspaces will support these IT-specific capabilities: Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Alert, Services, and On-call management.Note: These distinctions will be rolled out before 31st May, 2023More details here. Day Pass Consumption for Occasional Agents Category: IT Service Management Occasional agents logging into the service desk will now be automatically redirected to the requester portal to avoid accidental consumption of day passes. However, a day pass will be consumed when the option to switch to the agent view is exercised.  Share Reports with Specific Agent Groups Category: IT Service ManagementWith the new report sharing enhancement, agents will now be able to share reports with specific agent groups as well as choose from a host of access permissions (like view, edit or manage) for the selected agent groups. More details here.  Detailed Data Dictionary in AnalyticsCategory: IT Service ManagementUsers can quickly access detailed definitions of metrics and attributes used to build reports and widgets in Analytics. For easy reference, related examples &  product screens are also available for all modules within Freshservice. Day Pass Consumption for Occasional AgentsCategory: Mobile AppOccasional agents logging into the Freshservice mobile app will now be automatically redirected to the requester view if they haven’t consumed a day pass already. This will prevent accidental consumption of day passes; however, on switching to the agent view or accessing through an agent URL, a day pass will be consumed.Note: This enhancement will be available before the end of May 2023 and requires app updation. Improved SaaS Management Discovery and SyncCategory: IT Asset ManagementWith our latest update to SaaS management, the discovery and sync process is now enhanced for GSuite. This will enable better visibility with sync statuses, background sync refresh, detailed error report after sync, and improved user deletion sync and API rate limit optimization. Note: This enhancement will be available from May 31st onwards.More details here. Zoom Integration with Oauth Type AuthenticationCategory: Apps/IntegrationsUsers can now use Oauth-type authentication to integrate with the Zoom - Orch & SaaS application.  This new authentication method allows users to securely connect their Freshservice with their Zoom account, enabling seamless access to Zoom meetings, webinars, and recordings directly from the Freshservice platform. More details here. Important updates Follow-up to our “Notices for new upgrades/migration activities” communication sent in Nov 2022.Ensure that you’re prepared for the following changes which will be effected on your Freshservice account in May 2023:Deprecation of username and password-based basic authentication for API v2: To provide enhanced data security, we are deprecating username and password-based basic authentication of Freshservice APIs. After May 31st 2023, only Basic auth with API key will be supported. Post the deprecation date of May 31, 2023, all API requests using username/password through basic authentication will fail. This means all your workflows and customizations using username/password through basic authentication will fail. More details here. Notices for new upgrades/migration activitiesAllow whitelisting of new Freshservice NAT IP addresses To ensure a seamless experience receiving API communications from Freshservice, we've updated our NAT IPs to support all outgoing communications from Freshservice to other external services. As part of this exercise, additional IPs have been added. Who will be impacted? If you’ve configured outward communications with the older IPs only, then this migration will impact you. What do you need to do? Please whitelist the newer IP addresses mentioned here by November 2023 to prevent possible disruptions.  Deprecation of old “List all” API endpoints To maintain consistency across the API endpoints, we’re deprecating the old versions of the ‘List all ticket fields’ and ‘List all change fields’ starting November 2023. Who will be impacted? If you’re using the old version of the above-mentioned API endpoints, you will be affected by this migration.  What do you need to do?Please update the new ‘List all ticket fields’ and ‘List all change fields’ by November 2023, wherever the old APIs are referenced, to prevent possible disruption in functionality. Deprecation of JWT Authentication for Zoom Orchestration App Zoom is deprecating the use of new JSON Web Tokens (JWT) for authentication on June 1, 2023, and recommends using OAuth instead. The ability to create new JWT apps will be disabled on June 1, 2023. By September 1, 2023, JWT apps will reach their projected end-of-life.This deprecation impacts Freshservice's integration with the Zoom-Orch application, and it is necessary to update the integration by September 1, 2023, to continue using it seamlessly. Who will be impacted?If you have used Freshservice integration with Zoom application in SaaS management, Workflow Orchestration node, and related API calls made to Zoom will be impacted.What do you need to do?To continue using Zoom with Freshservice, please update your integration to use OAuth type for authentication. More info Deprecation of Alert endpointsOn the introduction of Alert Management Systems 2.0, the entity ‘Alert profiles’ was deprecated and replaced with ‘monitoring tools’. During this change, the format of the endpoint URL was updated from ‘’ to ‘’ to maintain consistency across endpoint URLs used in monitoring tools. Who will be impacted? If you’re using the old endpoint URL in the format in your monitoring tool, you will be affected by this migration.  What do you need to do? If you’re still using the older endpoint URL format, navigate to Admin> Monitoring tools> Name of the monitoring tool> Endpoint URL and use the updated URL in your monitoring tool by November 2023 to avoid disruption in functionality.  Deprecation of Legacy AWS CloudWatch applicationAs part of our ongoing efforts to improve our services over AWS integration, we will be deprecating the legacy AWS CloudWatch application from our marketplace by November 2023  to move you to an upgraded AWS CloudWatch integration with our Alert Management module. Who will be impacted?If you’re using Legacy AWS CloudWatch application to convert AWS CloudWatch alarms to tickets in Freshservice, you will be impacted by this migration.What do you need to do?Please integrate with the AWS CloudWatch application using our Alert Management module by November 2023 to avoid any disruptions due to this migration. Learn more.  Bug FixesThese were the product defects detected, and they have now been fixed.Days of the week were incorrectly displayed in the monthly calendar view in certain time zones.  Task lists without start and end dates were displayed in the Roadmap view under Projects. Business rules were not working on the Android app. The QR code scanning to add an asset had issues on the Android app. While raising a service request on an Android app, the ‘cc’ field was missing. Incorrect agent license count in Analytics.  Changes made to account names were not showing in export emails. In the no-code portal, non-English languages were not supporting HEX color customizations. Some users were facing errors while authorizing Freshservice on Slack. Requester was not able to see the NEO request in the support portal if we changed the requester name. Text fields in the employee onboarding module were not supporting 'apostrophe.' Ticket creation failed if the 'Category' field contained special characters like &,\! Users using web requests in workflow automator received an "Invalid Host" error when the endpoint was a local host URL.

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Freshservice API v1 Deprecation Reminder

Hello everyone,This is a gentle reminder about the upcoming API V1 deprecation. As mentioned in our earlier communication in November ‘22 about the migration cycle, Freshservice API v1 endpoints will be inaccessible after May 31, 2023.IMPACTED MODULES Freshservice admins are expected to verify that if API V1 end-points are used in any of the below modules,  Workflow Automator ( Web Request nodes and “Trigger Webhook” Action nodes) Custom apps Portal Customization Any custom services or middleware developed using Freshservice APIs  Please update the code base from API v1 to V2 at the earliest with the help of our API V2 documentation. HOW TO IDENTIFY API V1 ENDPOINTS? To ensure a smooth transition, we have introduced visual cues in the user interface to update API v1 endpoints with the corresponding API v2 endpoints.Here are a few resources to help you migrate to API v2 endpoints: 1. Mappings from API v1 to v2 2. Solution article to help migrate Freshservice configurations to API v2WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE DEPRECATION DATE? After May 31, 2023, all the workflow automators, portal customization, and custom apps using v1 endpoints will stop working, and your configurations will fail. Henceforth, all API calls must be made using the API v2 endpoints.HAVE QUERIES?Our teams can assist if you have questions about the migration or encounter any challenges. Please contact, and we’d be happy to assist you anytime.

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Freshchat Release Notes (Dec 22 - Mar 23)

 December releasesImprovements Channel-specific chatbot builder in Freshchat: Admins can tailor chatbots before deploying them on a specific channel. This way, they can only choose the elements supported in a channel where the chatbot will deploy. Freshchat Response SLA: Admins can set SLA targets for every response (including the first) in Freshchat. They can also set up different response SLAs for multiple scenarios. Improved conversations widget: Admins can now access major self-service features, set up multiple widget instances, and more on the conversations widget. Localization for chatbots: Admins can localize all features of their chatbots, like the title, subtitle, feedback, quick actions, and more. They can manage all added languages from a single page and use them across modules without adding a new language at every module. Conversation Switch: Agents can view a customer's historical conversations in the conversation pane without switching, giving them access to conversational context.  Bug fixesTeam Inbox: The incoming emails with bullet points did not render properly sometimes in the conversation pane. This is fixed. The reply editor faced some occasional issues. Content would get improperly copy-pasted from tables from other web pages. Adding inline images would hide the ‘Reply’ and ‘Private Note’ tabs. The horizontal scroll would sometimes disappear. The typing indicator stopped working for some customers. All these are fixed. Attachment properties were occasionally missing for some customers in the US region. This is fixed. A few WhatsApp conversations were not listed under the recent conversations of the respective customer contact. This is fixed.  Sometimes, chatbots were not triggering in WhatsApp conversations that customers reopened. This is also fixed.  Resolutions and assignments: Some agents could resolve conversations without filling out the mandatory labels. This is fixed.  If an agent replied and resolved a conversation, it would automatically reopen without any new incoming message. This is fixed.  A chatbot would assign a conversation to an agent to converse with the customer and resolve it. Sometimes, when the customer reopened such a conversation, it would get reassigned to the same agent instead of the chatbot. This is fixed.  APIs: Invalid time formats are accepted as part of the auto-resolve API. This is fixed. A few agents could access certain integrations via API, even without access through the product (Role Based Access Control). This was specifically observed for custom roles cloned from existing roles. This is fixed.  Chatbots: Chatbots sometimes reverted to an older version instead of the latest version. This is fixed. When agents or admins created a new version, the chatbot wouldn’t automatically switch to the draft version. This is fixed.  Miscellaneous: Sometimes, notification sounds are played for private dialogs (in the chatbot builder). This is fixed. Admins on the free plan faced sporadic issues while setting up multiple widgets where the widgets wouldn’t load properly. This is fixed. Selecting the country through a dropdown was not working for some customers on a mobile browser. This is fixed. Triggered messages appeared multiple times in the same conversation for some customers despite setting it up to not interrupt conversations. This is fixed. Some translations stopped working if some language files contained empty values. This is fixed. Similarly, some text strings were not translated based on the primary language. This is fixed.  January releasesImprovements: Answers performance analysis report: Admins can get actionable insights into the chatbot's answers and intents. This enables agents to make data-driven decisions and improve the overall conversational experience through chatbots. Post-agent resolution: Agents can set up conversations to get handed over to a chatbot after an agent resolves it. Admins can use the post-agent resolution to use bots to collect detailed customer feedback through a chatbot. We have improved the experience of how channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, ABC, Line, SMS (Twilio), and SMS (Gupshup). can be disassociated and then reintegrated into different accounts  Phone numbers are now hyperlinked to open the dialler with the number when an end-user taps on the link from a mobile device. This worked for a few customers earlier and is now available for everyone.  Bug fixesDashboard & Analytics A few customers reported issues with the (legacy) Customer Satisfaction Report while using the date filter where they could not select more than seven days. This is fixed. The email editor would get disabled for some agents when Business Hours was active. Filters in the analytics modules would sometimes break, and some customers faced issues adding filters for response time (business hours). This is fixed.  Team Inbox The placeholders in Canned responses were not replaced with the dynamic values while replying to certain conversations. This is fixed. When an agent deletes a conversation label and adds it again later, it would not display for all agents. This Is fixed. Some agents faced issues while searching for FAQs in the Freshchat inbox. The respective FAQs would not appear in the search results. This is fixed. A few agents faced issues when the customer was in a different timezone. This is fixed. Sometimes, in-app notifications were not displaying for agents. This is fixed Channels & Widgets Some customers faced issues with channels like Facebook where valid inputs were captured as Text instead of Name, email, etc. This is fixed. The conversations widget occasionally stopped validating the format to accept emails. This is fixed. The widget will repeat the same question until your customers enter an email in the valid format. Customers who integrated their WhatsApp cloud business number with Freshchat faced issues updating their website URLs. This is fixed. Chatbots Sometimes, the JS script would return just one string instead of the complete JSON payload. This is fixed. Similarly, the JSON was not displayed as proper key-value pairs inside the "Conversations" page. The carousel input option failed for some chatbot builders, especially for multilingual chatbots. This is fixed.  February releasesImprovements: User journey funnel: Understand engagement and drop-off rates of users at each stage of a chatbot conversation flow. Drill down to dialog-level analytics to optimize chatbot dialog and improve resolution rates. Bot error fallback flows: Configure fallback flows for chatbots if the chatbot cannot respond to a customer query or faces an error in the flow.  Bug fixes: Random names were generated despite a pre-chat form for some customers. This is fixed. Longer strings of numbers were not rendering properly in the chatbot builder. This is fixed. At times, the resolve conversation action stopped working for customers using the self-service widget. This is fixed. The set property action occasionally malfunctioned while using custom variables in the same flow. This is fixed.  While setting user properties, the value would not get saved properly when the same property existed for the conversation and the end user. There were some issues with using buttons as an input type. This is fixed.  March releasesImprovements: Freddy AI with GPT (Beta): With the enhanced Freddy AI (Beta), agents can use GPT's generative AI within Freshchat to boost their productivity. Sign-up for Beta here. Group conversations by customer: Agents can now group multiple conversations from the same customer into a single contact in the inbox. New labels for default and custom views in the Team Inbox: The new labels and views will help agents prioritize conversations based on their status and manage their workload more efficiently. Improved intent detection: Map frequent customer questions to existing chatbot flows. Fine-tune intents and natural language to improve how chatbots handle customer questions. Bot error dashboard: Admins can troubleshoot chatbot errors in real-time with a dedicated dashboard and drill down to individual conversations to understand what went wrong. Improved API configuration for the chatbot builder: Admins can now use API header information such as IP address and authentication methods in chatbot flows.  Bug fixesChatbots Sometimes quick actions were considered as part of the conversation instead of triggering the configured actions. This happened when Admins created the quick actions without enabling the slash("/") command type. This is fixed. The go-back quick action did not display for all conversations. This is fixed. For some languages, the quick action text was not getting properly translated. This is fixed. The inactivity timer would get triggered at times when the chatbot conversation was closed. This is fixed.  Agent experience When an admin invites an agent but is yet to log in, the agent should be able to delete the agent. However, this was failing for admins of some accounts. This is fixed. Some agents faced issues as they could not add attachments to an email reply from their system. This is fixed. Spaces were processed as part of the name field while configuring the support email field, creating issues. This is fixed.  

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Freshdesk Release Notes - March 2023

New Features and Enhancements Bug fixesNew Features and EnhancementsAll below features and enhancements are available to all customers as on 1st Apr, 2023 Sorting canned responses in FreshdeskSort the canned responses within each folder to locate the required canned responses faster and for ease of analysis.More details here. Cookie policy control in FreshdeskEnable/disable the default cookie policy consent pop-up on the customer portal so customers can see what cookies are collected on the portal to be GDPR compliant.More details here. Bug fixes Customers were unable to submit tickets from the portal when certain ticket fields were set as mandatory.  There were a few data inconsistencies in SLA violated ticket reports in Analytics.  There was a delay in ticket creation for customers who had a large number of ticket fields. A few values weren’t translated and were displayed in English on the customer portal. A few customers received multiple duplicate tickets when they were raised via the portal.  The article link on the Feedback tickets from a Japanese-translated article was broken. Automation rule was executed on a ticket that didn’t match the conditions set. Clicking on the ‘Undo send’ option showed a blank text for a few customers.  There were issues in creating report exports. The agent skill page was empty when customers enabled skill based routing in their account.  The widget ticket forms were stuck in infinite loading state. The grammar checking tool ‘Microsoft Editor: Spelling & Grammar Checker’ extension did not work inside Freshdesk.  The new ticket page in the customer portal did not reflect translation changes when customers uploaded a custom translation file. The unlink option in the hyperlink attached to articles/forum topics did not work as expected.  Custom apps did not work on the customer portal.  The spam folder did not load and showed a time out error when the ticket count was huge.  The contact search option was broken when language was translated to German.  Customers were not able to add columns to excel cells in the reply note. 

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Freshservice Release Notes - Apr 2023

Note: All the features/enhancements below will be available on Starter and Growth plans on Apr 17th 2023. For Pro and Enterprise plans will be available on Apr 27th 2023.Product version: 2023.R04L.01New Features and Enhancements Virtual Agent is now available on Slack Public Channels Contextful Service Requests in the Servicebot Time Log for Timesheet Entries Audit Logging for Agent Profile Changes Share Reports with Key Stakeholders  Additional Support for Syncing Changes from Sandbox  Extension of Workflow Timer Branch Limit  Easy Access to Critical Workload Metrics Classic Ticket View to be Replaced by the Modern Ticket View Terminology Change from Helpdesk to Service Desk Provide Coverage from Shift List Page Create On-Call Shifts using Business Hours More OOTB Monitoring Tool Integrations Alerts Tab now under Details Section Approver Visibility in Purchase Order PDF   Added group-by filter options in Kanban Board Important updates Bug Fixes New Features and Enhancements Virtual Agent is now available on Slack Public ChannelsCategory: IT Service ManagementWith Servicebot’s Virtual Agent on public channels, employees do not need to invoke the bot to get their questions answered - when Servicebot is available on a channel, it will automatically understand employee queries that can be answered and provide quick resolution with relevant help articles and service requests.More details here. Contextful Service Requests in the ServicebotCategory: IT Service ManagementWith the latest enhancements to Servicebot in Slack, we bring better context for service requests and incidents into your collaboration tools to: Get complete context about requested items, ticket status, priority, and any other custom details needed for the service request.  View and access files attached to your service request right within your collaboration platform. More details here. Time Log for Timesheet EntriesCategory: IT Service Management Agents can now log the exact time they start working on a ticket alongside the date to track the time spent resolving the ticket.Note: ‘Hours’ and ‘On’ labels are changed to ‘Time spent’ and ‘Started at.’  Audit Logging for Agent Profile ChangesCategory: IT Service ManagementAudit logs will now additionally capture values specified or modified for all agent profile fields, such as title, work phone, mobile phone etc., when creating or modifying an agent. Share Reports with Key Stakeholders Category: IT Service ManagementWith the new report-sharing enhancement, agents will now be able to share reports with specific stakeholders and choose from a host of access permissions (like view, edit, or manage) for the selected agents. More details here. Additional Support for Syncing Changes from Sandbox Category: IT Service ManagementUsers can now sync service catalog images and referenced assets in admin configurations to allow for seamless transfer of configurations from sandbox to production.  Extension of Workflow Timer Branch Limit Category: IT Service ManagementAgents can now configure up to 5 timer nodes per connected branch of a workflow instead of the earlier limit of 5 timer nodes for the entire workflow to support cases where a single ticket entity needs several wait times in an execution workflow.  Easy Access to Critical Workload MetricsCategory: IT Service ManagementAgents and managers can now seamlessly view the count of delayed work items upfront and manage them. In addition to this, each metric (planned, unplanned, and delayed) has been made clickable to access the relevant items easily.Agent availability in hours or % hours (wrt a working day) provides managers the necessary overview and foresight to plan, manage & balance team workload further.More details here. Classic Ticket View to be Replaced by the Modern Ticket ViewCategory: IT service managementNote: This is only applicable for accounts that were created between December 12th, 2022 and March 14th, 2023.To enable the best ticketing experience, we have redesigned the tickets view to a more modern and scalable experience. We will continue to build on top of this new experience, and we want to ensure that you get these enhancements promptly.Therefore, the redesigned experience will be enabled by default. You will no longer be able to switch back to the older version. Deprecation dates:April 15th - Starter, GrowthApril 30th - Pro, EnterpriseMore details here. Terminology Change from Helpdesk to Service DeskCategory: Freshservice for Business TeamsWith the terminology change from helpdesk to service desk, we can effectively represent the comprehensive nature of the support services that Freshservice enables customers to deliver. This will rename settings like helpdesk branding, helpdesk security and references to the term ‘helpdesk’ while keeping the functionality unchanged. Note: This change will begin in the 1st week of May 2023.  Provide Coverage from Shift List PageCategory: IT Operations ManagementUsers can now update an agent’s shift without entering the ‘edit shift’ mode. Clicking on the agent’s name on the calendar on the shift list page for an on-call schedule reveals the shift details. It also offers options for providing coverage, modifying an override, or deleting an override. Create On-Call Shifts using Business HoursCategory: IT Operations ManagementUsers can now use business hours associated with an agent group to create on-call shifts. The shifts’ timings will be synced with those configured in the Admin >> Business Hours section. Users can also create off-hours’ support shifts by selecting the Non-Business Hours option under customize shift interval. The system will automatically create an off-hours’ support shift based on the business hours associated with the agent group. More OOTB Monitoring Tool IntegrationsCategory: IT Operations ManagementUsers now have the option of two new out-of-the-box integrations in the Alert Management module: Splunk and Auvik. With these additions, the total number of OOTB integrations is now 25. In addition to these options, users can continue to employ email as a channel for alerts and continue to create custom integrations via webhooks.More details here. Alerts Tab now under Details SectionCategory: IT Operations ManagementUsers will now be able to access the Alerts tab under the “details” section on the Incident detail page.Approver Visibility in Purchase Order PDF  Category: IT Asset ManagementPurchase order PDF now supports additional information like approval history, list of approvers, comments, status, and approval time. This ensures that all stakeholders involved in the procurement process have complete context about the purchase order, including the approval history.Added group-by filter options in Kanban BoardCategory: Project ManagementUsers (individual as well as cross-project) can now customize their views on the Kanban board with additional group-by filter options that support custom fields. This is available on the All Project Tasks board, Tasks board, and Sprint board. Besides three default fields (Assignee, Priority & Type), all single select attributes are introduced as group-by filters.With this enhancement, users get greater visibility on tasks & projects with detailed/deep split views as per new filter attributes. Important updatesFollow-up to our “Notices for new upgrades/migration activities” communication sent in Nov 2022Ensure that you’re prepared for the following changes which will be effected on your Freshservice account in May 2023: Deprecation of password-based authentication for API V2: We are deprecating the username and password-based authentication for Freshservice APIs in favor of API key-based authentication by May 31st, 2023. This deprecation will impact features where you may be using Freshservice APIs. After the deprecation date, all API requests using password-based authentication will fail. More details here. Removal of Deprecated Attributes from User Management APIs: All deprecated attributes from the Agent and Agent Group APIs will be removed by May 31st, 2023. After the deprecation date, API requests that use these attributes will not be accepted and these attributes will not be included in any of the API responses. More details here.  Strengthening TLS 1.2 Cipher Suites: We will be changing our transport layer security controls to allow only TLS 1.2 Strong cipher suites from May 31st, 2023. If you’ve built custom integrations with Freshservice, please ensure your API Clients are compatible with the TLS 1.2 Strong cipher suites. More details here. Deprecation of Amazon Web Services Marketplace App: You will be upgraded to the AWS Cloud discovery application and as a part of this new upgrade, we will deprecate the Amazon Web Services ( Native AWS app) application from our marketplace on May 31st, 2023. More details here. Deprecation of Freshservice API V1: The API V1 deprecation will happen in May 2023. Ensure that you transition over to API V2 in your workflow automators, portal customizations, and custom applications before May 2023 to avoid disruptions. More details here.  Bug FixesThese were the product defects detected, and they have now been fixed. Email notifications in project management were not being triggered.  Links in the Gantt bar in Workload management could not be clicked. List view filters in the Change module were not showing accurate results. Business Rules set up for Service Items were not working in the requester portal.  SLA policy not applied when field value with & symbol is included in the conditions. SLA was not updated after changing the ticket type from Incident to Service Request and after adding the requested item.

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Freshsales Release Notes - March 2023

New Features and Enhancements Sandbox for Enterprise (Beta): Enterprise customers now have access to a test environment where they can evaluate features, run tests, integrate with business apps, train employees, and customize user experiences without impacting their business.   Module-wise Data Export: Users can now export data from individual modules up to 5 times, view export history, and back up data periodically to ensure important data is not lost.   Custom Metrics and Attributes: Users can now create custom metrics and attributes using single arithmetic operations and complex functions to get deeper insights into team performance.   Event-based Automation: When a user performs a SaaS product event, Freddy automatically assigns a task to the salesperson and sends them a notification to alert them about the event occurrence.   Element Customization for Data Labels: Users can now customize the look and feel of their reports including titles, data labels, legends, axes, and more. They can also change the colors of the elements to reflect their brand palette or assign colors to indicate positive/negative trends.   In-app Notification for Reports: Users can now download reports and view them as a file in their local system. This is available for all reports in the Analytics module.   Automations Based on Contact Score: Users can now use contact score as a field to filter contacts for sales sequences and workflows. They can also create reports with contact score as a metric and group them by score and field values.   Test for Workflows: Users can now test workflows to check if they work as expected while creating a new workflow or while auditing existing workflows. This can help ensure workflows are running smoothly and as intended.  Bugs:Some users reported that exporting of records does not work as intended when the module is renamed. This has been fixed.

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Freshdesk Release Notes - Feb 2023

New Features and Enhancements Bug fixesNew Features and EnhancementsCanned responses enhancements in FreshdeskImport Canned Responses to create, update and delete them in bulk. Define metrics & derive insights into Canned Responses usage by agents.More details here. Configuring custom mail server in FreshdeskImprove the user flow of custom mail server configuration to enable a guided experience with help text and a new seamless verification flow.More details here. Track failed email deliveries in FreshdeskGet enhanced visibility over failed email deliveries sent to customers via the portal with a default filter view. Enable agents to act on undelivered ticket replies quickly.More details here.  Custom field sync in Freshdesk-Freshservice integrationWith this enhancement, you can sync custom ticket fields with default and other custom ticket fields between Freshdesk and Freshservice.More details here. Email threading enhancement in FreshdeskConfigure your own ticket threading identifier under Email settings. This way, you can avoid the wrong ticket getting appended to an existing ticket.More details here. Enhancements to Ticket Updation AutomationStay updated on customer issues with better context with this enhancement. You can set up automation rules so that new tickets will be created whenever a customer responds to resolved or closed tickets. Earlier, this was handled using web hooks and support team involvement which lead to missed context.  Large reply editorExpand the reply editor and get more real estate to reply to tickets.More details here.  Simplified Data ExportExport tickets, contacts, companies, or even granular account data in easy steps and access it anytime, from a centralized window, within Freshdesk.Available for customers who signed up after Feb 24, 2022. More details here.  ‘From email’ changes in Freshdesk Analytics exportsEarlier, Analytics scheduled exports were sent from From March 2023, they will be sent from fixesThese were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.  Special characters were displayed as HTML code on the ticket list page.  Knowledge base articles that were created as drafts via email were no longer visible on the portal after they were published. The portal edit page and tickets list page in the customer portal displayed an error when the custom objects feature was enabled but no objects were created yet.  The automation rule to create a new ticket failed when the rule was created without a subject line, even though the subject line was not mandatory.  Customers were unable to update existing agent details once they reached the agent creation limit. There was UI breakage in the customer portal when the ‘Related Articles’ pane was empty.  The company name associated with a contact disappeared when customers tried to edit the contact.   Customers were unable to send messages with only inline attachments; the Send Message button in the reply editor was disabled when there was no text in the reply editor.  The ticket activities page did not display the tags added.  Freshdesk to Salesforce ticket sync did not work as expected. There was UI breakage when inserting canned forms; there were 4/5 lines of text present in the reply editor.  Customers faced an error when trying to save ticket forms.  Agents were logged out when they tried to access canned responses from the personal folder. Ticket replies did not get threaded as expected after customers merged two tickets.  The ticket template screen was not completely translated into Swedish.  There were image alignment issues in the solution articles.  The Print option on the ticket page printed URLs on the page over the inline images.  When creating a child ticket, the text on the parent ticket reappeared when customers tried to select all and delete.  CCs were not retained for replies from contacts that were not part of the ticket.  Customers were unable to submit ticket forms through the customer portal when there were mandatory and non-mandatory fields configured.  The article link on Feedback tickets from Japanese-translated articles was broken. 

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Freshdesk Contact Center Release Notes - February 2023

Bug fixesBug fixesThese were the bugs detected, and they’ve now been fixed.Restrict customers from creating Freshcaller domains in same name. Supervisor does not see call barging control panel when call parking is enabled mic_permission feature was not enabled by default for new signups Caller widget opens automatically when a user opens the integrated account page For round-robin enabled calls, if the first agent ignored an incoming call, the second agent hears the ringing sound twice even after the call was attended.  All the messages are playing only in either male/female voice Redirect to contact from phone widget in Freshsales is redirecting to the total contacts page In Free plan, unable to update hangup as rule for a number when downgraded from growth Multiple tickets are getting created for a call Phone credits become 0(zero) in an existing account when wallet is created Deduct credits is giving an error as current account is not set in serializer When a user purchases a number, credits aren’t deducted from the phone credits Postpaid credits are not getting reflected in the billing page On searching call metrics with specific notes as search term, all calls in the account are listed During conference calls, network warning logs are not present for second Agent Network warning profile icon location is incorrect during parallel call  Network warning logs are not present for warm transfer in call metrics - Conference room Network warning banner is not present for subsequent unparked calls starting from second unparked call. Network warning logs are not present in the call metrics page. Marketplace & PhoneBot pages are not loading in INT region integration accounts Call Recordings are not playing in the caller pages for Freshsales customers