Freshdesk Release Notes - March 2023

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Freshdesk Release Notes - March 2023

New Features and Enhancements

All below features and enhancements are available to all customers as on 1st Apr, 2023


Sorting canned responses in Freshdesk

Sort the canned responses within each folder to locate the required canned responses faster and for ease of analysis.

More details here.



Cookie policy control in Freshdesk

Enable/disable the default cookie policy consent pop-up on the customer portal so customers can see what cookies are collected on the portal to be GDPR compliant.

More details here.



Bug fixes

  1. Customers were unable to submit tickets from the portal when certain ticket fields were set as mandatory. 

  2. There were a few data inconsistencies in SLA violated ticket reports in Analytics. 

  3. There was a delay in ticket creation for customers who had a large number of ticket fields.

  4. A few values weren’t translated and were displayed in English on the customer portal.

  5. A few customers received multiple duplicate tickets when they were raised via the portal. 

  6. The article link on the Feedback tickets from a Japanese-translated article was broken.

  7. Automation rule was executed on a ticket that didn’t match the conditions set.

  8. Clicking on the ‘Undo send’ option showed a blank text for a few customers. 

  9. There were issues in creating report exports.

  10. The agent skill page was empty when customers enabled skill based routing in their account. 

  11. The widget ticket forms were stuck in infinite loading state.

  12. The grammar checking tool ‘Microsoft Editor: Spelling & Grammar Checker’ extension did not work inside Freshdesk. 

  13. The new ticket page in the customer portal did not reflect translation changes when customers uploaded a custom translation file.

  14. The unlink option in the hyperlink attached to articles/forum topics did not work as expected. 

  15. Custom apps did not work on the customer portal. 

  16. The spam folder did not load and showed a time out error when the ticket count was huge. 

  17. The contact search option was broken when language was translated to German. 

  18. Customers were not able to add columns to excel cells in the reply note. 

still waiting on responses in scenario :3 

Still no free dark mode

#12 The grammar checking tool ‘Microsoft Editor: Spelling & Grammar Checker’ extension did not work inside Freshdesk. 

Still does not work properly. The Editor distorts words and sentences only in Freshdesk. 😣

still waiting for dark mode and updates to canned responses