Freshservice Workload Management is now LIVE!

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*Available on Pro and Enterprise plans*

Plan and visualize work assigned across tickets, problems, changes, releases, tasks and projects in a single location, balance workload, and optimize your teams' productivity - all within Freshservice!

How does Freshservice Workload Management help users?

:zap:️Provides full visibility of the work assigned, enabling better planning and prioritization
:zap:️Helps manage the assignment of unassigned work
:zap:️Assists in monitoring workload and ensuring timely completion of work
:zap:️Allows supervisors to balance their team’s workload and prevent burnout
:zap:️Improves overall team efficiency

This feature will go LIVE as per the below schedule:

  • For new sign-ups: 18th Jan 2023
  • For existing customers: 31st Jan 2023

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Hello - Is there a way to get a recording from yesterday’s session?

Hello Lora, Yesterday’s webinar had two slots. Here are the recording links:
Slot 1: 

Slot 2: