Streamline agent collaboration with Threads! (LIVE NOW!)

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Streamline agent collaboration with Threads! (LIVE NOW!)

Agents can create Threads on Private notes, start a Discussion Thread, or while Forwarding a ticket to loop in fellow agents and other stakeholders to provide a complete context of the ticket. Threads organize conversations and focus discussions about the ticket or a topic within a particular ticket. It simplifies conversations on a chat-like experience for agents to collaborate with agents and stakeholders efficiently. 

Threads in Freshdesk

Agents can collaborate within the ticket using different threads in Freshdesk:

  • Forward Threads to collaborate on ticket forwards and keep track of subsequent replies. 
  • Private Threads to collaborate on Private Notes, Public Notes, and agent or customer responses. 
  • Discussion Threads to collaborate on a specific ticket in a chat-like interface to resolve issues faster. (Discussion Threads will be visible in the new ‘Threads’ panel and not on the ticket screen)

Threads enable agents to 

  • Improve agility in initiating discussions with multiple stakeholders on a ticket in a focused manner.
  • Effortlessly collaborate with fellow agents and third-party stakeholders while retaining context within the ticket.
  • Organize internal collaboration without polluting the main conversation pane.

Agents can tag and notify/collaborate with fellow Freshdesk agents or third parties (using Collaborators) on a Thread about a specific topic or an issue. They can invite any agent or parties into a Thread by an ‘@’ mention to invite them into the conversation, collaborate and resolve a ticket. 


All conversations on Threads will be only visible to agents logged in to the Freshdesk support portal. 

Please refer to these solution articles to learn more about Threads.



I know the realeasenotes say all replies on threads are only visible to agents but why are they not colored the same as private notes? This deviates from what agents know and expect from private notes.