Major confusion with CC function with Freshservice

  • 28 July 2022
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Hi guys

Im struggling to get to grips with the CC function in Freshservice and wondering if the community can help (after being none the wiser with Freshservice support)

Email Notifications

My testing has shown that CC’d users only get email notifications on the following

  1. New creation of a ticket that the user is CC;d to
  2. Agent replies to the ticket
  3. Comment by the requester

CC user does not get email notifications when an agent adds a public note to the ticket. Is this correct/by design?

I have also noticed that when the agent replies, the email notification template used for the CC’d user is Agent Reply Template. This template is also used for replies to the requester. My Agent Reply Template has configured in the body of the email, the Private ticket URL of which the CC’d user cannot access. Is your Agent Reply Template configured with the public or private url? Please can you check this as I am not sure if i have deviated from the default that Freshservice set.

Public ticket url

I have only recently discovered public ticket URLs. Am I correct in saying that a ticket doesn't have a public URL automatically and its only generated in the event of a notification or workflow automation etc where a public url place holder is used? If that doesn't happen, ie a ticket does not have cc for example, there is no public url generated and therefore no-one (except the requester and Agents) can view the ticket?

Am I also correct in saying public URLs are a bad idea in instances when a ticket could be considered private and confidential - anyone who could “guess” the url could see the contents of the ticket?

Can the public URLs also be viewable when a user is not logged into Freshservice? I really dont want that at all. Happy for a CC’d logged on user to see a public URL but not just anyone potentially on the internet. 

Thanks guys!


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to my surprise CCing in Freshservice doesn’t work as I know it from other ticketing solutions: I would exepct that by default it adds people to the whole conversation and the can follow up and read it.

That seems not possible yet:


Regarding Public ticket url:

I just did a few tests: at least in our instance you must be logged in when you click on such a link (it asks for the login otherrwise), then one and the same link works for every requester and agend in the instance.

So depending on organization size and how confidential tickets are inside your organization you should be careful using the public ticket URL for some ticket types/categories.




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Btw, people reading this one, might also want to upvote this feature:

It allows to add managers/ coworkers on a ticket conversation in a stable manner.