parse requestor datasource in workflow

  • 15 September 2022
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When using the freshservice users/requestors as a datasource in a field is it possible to parse that selected object in a workflow? (IE: selected user is John Doe from the requestors datasource, want the workflow to be able to pull the employee ID property from that user’s profile properties within freshservice)

Closest thing i can think of would be to use the json parser but not sure what the schematic would be for that if its possible.


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2 replies

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Yep, you solved it the same way we have as well!

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making some progress. Thought about using the web request workflow node to send off an API pull from the requesters list from fresh’s api documentation (Service Desk API for Developers | Freshservice). The get request is like below"primary_email:%27{{ticket.ri_135_cf_user | remove: ""}}"


From there i was able to use the JSON parser to use the employee id property pulled from the JSON output and use in my workflow. just need to do some more testing but that should do it.