Service Request is Change - Workflow also should be updated

  • 6 October 2021
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Just want to ask on how to deal with changing the service item for created SR  tickets? is there a way to edit an service item even if already summited?  like for example, user mistakenly selected the service item A instead of service item B. is there also a way to enable/trigger the workflow created assuming service item A and B has different process or approval maintained? I noticed that i can edit the summited SR however, workflow for the approval mail is not working. I’m guessing becasue I only have this SR is raised event. I’m thinking to add more criteria here:



4 replies

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My advise is to not try to modify a SR if a wrong selection is made.  I prefer to have the user resubmit the correct item.  It’s a cleaner approach and makes sure any automation or metrics are correct.

You can resubmit a SR on behalf of a user if you want to do it on their behalf, but in IT we should expect the user to be able to perform a request of a SR and get it right :). 

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If you want to do it, add a SR is updated to your rule and you notifications should fire.

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In regards to your use-case , I believe you are trying to change the requested Item of an already raised Service Item . So , if you already have a service item raised in the freshservice portal with a particular requested item , we will not be able to edit that particular item . Unfortunately , we will have to raise the service request from scratch and you will have to raise a new service request for the new service item .




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This is against the ITIL process. If required you can cancel the requests which are already requested but not resolved yet.


Then edit the service item and publish the new version. hope this helps