Any way to filter tickets to display those which have not been responded to?

  • 23 December 2014
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I would like to be able to see a list of all tickets that haven't been responded to. Is there a way to filter the tickets to display those?


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Hey Alnis,

You can always sort the tickets by Date Created on the tickets list view and see the new tickets on the portal.

Do you this would help? Please do let us know.


I don't understand how this could help?

He wants to only view tickets that has been marked as "Customer Responded"

You are saying to sort tickets by Date Created, but what if the Date Created is 2 years ago and the client responded today?

I have a job set up so when a ticket is replied to by an agent the status changes.  Tickets that haven't been responded to are at Open, so all you need to do is look at your open ticket view.



I think that might be the intended way also;) Not sure, it's too late to think. Running with it now. Thank you. 

Hmm, this doesn't quite work. 

Ok, so the client responds to a ticket and it gets set to status Open, but it doesn't help me, cause I got a slew of open tickets, so it gets hidden in amongst all of them. 

Also, somehow when I create this rule in the Observer that a reply by the requester should set status to Open, it somehow marks the ticket as read, so it's not in bold letters anymore. You also see this?

The tags called "Customer Responded"; is it not possible to filter on these tags? Is it possible to set these tags in the rules?

If not, then I'm not really sure how to know if people responded.

Ok, I've tried setting the priority to Urgent; I think that might work.

Ok, I tried setting the priority to urgent; I think that might work

As far as I'm aware there isn't a way to pull out the 'customer responded' flag to a ticket view.

We have a lot of different ticket statuses and processes which set them to the relevant status so we can pull out that information.

So let's say we have a ticket at open and an engineer responds by email to the customer and the ticket is awaiting their response;

  • Ticket Logged - Status: Open

  • Engineer assigns himself to the ticket and begins composing a written response - Status: Await Support

  • Engineer sends written response to customer - Status: Await Customer

  • Customer responds to written response - Status: Update Required

Another example could be that we attempt to call the customer but can't reach them;

  • Ticket logged: Status: Open

  • Engineer assigns himself to the ticket and calls customer - Status: Await Support

  • Customer unavailable, voicemail left, email sent to customer advising of attempted contact - Status: First Contact Required

  • Customer responds to email and asks for a schedule call - Status: First Update Required

The above two scenarios allow us to view any tickets that require an update but also any ticket that requires an update where no engineer has been able to contact the customer.

It's worth noting we also have work flow scenarios set up to simplify certain steps such as;

  1. Assign ticket to "Engineer Name" which - Sets ticket to await support, assigns to "Engineer Name" and adds a public note advising the customer that the ticket has been assigned to "Engineer Name" (the last task stops the SLA Timer for response.

  2. No contact emails which - Sends an email to customer to advise them of attempted contact, adds a note to the ticket (workaround as the scenario emails don't get added to a ticket), sets ticket to either Await Customer or First Contact Required.

I think what you need to do is look at different ticket statuses which reflect processes within your support organisation and configure the system in that way which will allow you to have lots of different ticket views that engineers can customize to reflect their needs and also management to get the appropriate picture of how support is "coping".  I have ours set up so I can quickly see;

  • All tickets that require an update where a customer has responded

  • All tickets that require an update where no agent has spoken to an engineer

  • All tickets that are being worked on by an engineer

  • All tickets that we are awaiting for a customer response

  • All tickets that we are awaiting for our development team for an update

  • All tickets that we are awaiting a third party for an update

  • The list goes on....

Again it's easily possible just depends how you've set up the blocks to build what you need.


Sorry, Grant; I haven't read your post thoroughly, yet, but I will very soon. 

Other than that, I see that when I use a rule to set the ticket to "Waiting on Customer", it doesn't change the ticket immediately; I have to hit refresh (F5).

So, if I f.ex create a ticket on behalf of a client, then send a reply, it's still "Open", but if I hit refresh, it's "Waiting on Customer"; can this be fixed?

Does Freshdesk have a bugtracker I can submit to?

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It is possible to setup a separate view to monitor the Customer Responded tickets .

1) Go to Admin-> Ticket Fields-> Drag and drop the "Dropdown" option. 


2) Mark the Field label as "Customer Responded" and make Dropdown Choices as "yes" and "no" and hit "Done" and then "Save ticket fields".


Please refer the below screenshot for more details on adding a custom field "Customer Responded".



3) Go to Admin-> Helpdesk Productivity->Observer. Hit on "New Rule".


4) Give a name to the rule. May be like, "When Customer Responds" and set event as "Reply is sent",    events are performed by "Requester", on all tickets, perform action as "Set Customer Responded" as "yes" and hit Save.


Please refer the screenshot below for more deatisl on Observer rule.

5) Create another observer rule. May be you can name it as, "When Agent Responds" and set event as    "Reply is sent", events are performed by "Agent", on all tickets, perform action as "Set Customer  Responded" as "no" and hit save.



6) When you go to your tickets page you can see the "Customer Responded" filter to your left with two checkboxes, yes and no. When you select yes, you'll be able to filter out tickets to which customer has responded. 



This will apply to all tickets processed after creation of these Observer rules.


Seems like a lot of work for something that should be built into the ticket filter options. The tickets already say "Customer Responsed" or "Agent Responded". Why can't we just filter and sort on this meta data? I often have many Open tickets with a mix of Customer and Agent Responded and I would like the Customer Responded tickets to sort to the top or be able to filter on them. 

Why do we need to create a custom field and automations to make this happen?