Email notification when KB Articles are expiring

  • 3 August 2022
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Is it possible to setup an email notification when KB Articles are going to expire in X number of days. I know that the author will get an email. However, if the author has left the company we would like to know that their article is going to expire. So if we could send a notification to an email address so that the author AND this email address would get an email when a KB article is going to expire that would be helpful.

1 reply

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Hi @jeverhart,

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As per the product behaviour, there isn’t an option for article expiry in Freshdesk unless the admin or agent who has access to the Knowledge base deletes it. And, once the article is deleted, we wouldn’t be able to restore it. In this case, I am afraid we do not support expiry notifications. 

If the above doesn’t address your concern, Please explain your business use case so we can check from our end and see if we can include it as a Feature request on sought-after.

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Vidya D