Sales Automation

  • 1 December 2022
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The responsibilities of a sales manager are vastly different from that of a sales rep. From increasing revenue and profitability to ensuring the team meets targets, a lot rests on their shoulders. How do they manage so many tasks simultaneously during the busiest quarter of the year? The answer lies in automation.  


So what are some sales automation features to keep an eye out on?

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From providing a visual representation of data to accurately predicting sales revenue, here are some features sales managers should look for while purchasing a sales automation software.


1. Visual representation of sales data: The amount of data a sales manager has to sift through may be overwhelming. With a sales automation software like a CRM, they can automatically generate and schedule reports and customize them according to various attributes and factors. This helps save time, track the sales cycle, streamline efficiency, and reduce mistakes.


2. Sales territory assignment: With sales reps spread across different cities and towns, territories help them generate new leads and hit their sales quotas in a particular region. A sales automation software can help in assigning sales reps according to a manager’s chosen condition and decide how leads are assigned to reps.


3. Assigning scores to leads: When the sales team has a vast pool of leads, it is the responsibility of the sales manager to define the criteria for lead qualification. This can be done by setting the minimum requirement for lead scores – based on cues from leads. Sales reps can then invest their efforts more on leads ranked by a lead scoring tool. 


4. Sales Pipeline: It’s hard to keep track of deals in the pipeline – especially if some leads are unsure of your product. A sales automation software can provide a much-needed visual representation of deals in the pipeline, spot deals rotting away and help your sales team take quick action. 


5. Sales forecasting: Looking into the future may not be possible, but having a sales automation software that can help predict revenue and let you know if things are on track would be useful for a sales manager. A CRM with sales automation capabilities can help you with just that. 

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