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This week on Freddy Fridays: ✨ Explore the Latest Innovations in Freddy Copilot! ✨

  • 21 June 2024
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Hey there!

In this week’s edition of Freddy Fridays, we spotlight our latest innovations that elevate your service operations game.


🤔 What’s New with Freddy Copilot?

  • Improved Reply Suggestions & Help Article Generation: Our AI now crafts response suggestions and help articles using the existing ticket context.
  • Enhanced Ticket Field Suggestions: Compare suggestions with current field values for more accurate ticket assignment.
  • Multilingual Similar Ticket Suggestions: Detect and correlate similar service requests and incidents with higher precision across different languages.

🔮 What’s coming up?

Translator: Translate incoming tickets to better support your global workforce. Stay tuned!

📅 Curious to know more? Join us on June 27th!

Want a live walkthrough of these features? We’re hosting a session packed with live demos, exciting updates, and best practices so you can get started immediately.


🚀 Don’t Miss Out!

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