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📊 This week on Freddy Fridays: Introducing Freddy Copilot Reporting 🚀

  • 14 June 2024
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Hey there!

Welcome to this week's edition of Freddy Fridays, where we spotlight one of our latest enhancements: Freddy Copilot Reporting 🎉


🤔Did You Know? 

Freshservice customers experience an impressive 39% reduction in average resolution time. Curious about the impact of Freddy AI on your own operations? Freddy Copilot reports are here to provide the insights you need.


🤔What is Freddy Copilot Reporting? 

Freddy Copilot Reporting offers a detailed analysis of how your agents utilize Freddy Copilot and its impact on service desk KPIs. With these insights, you can measure the business benefits of integrating Freddy AI into your daily operations.


🤔How does it work?

  • Track Feature Usage: Monitor usage for Freddy Copilot features that your agents are leveraging.
  • Impact Metrics: Analyze the enhancement of key service metrics, including employee satisfaction scores, average resolution time, average first response time, and first call resolution time.

🤔Where can you find it?

Navigate to your Analytics module and click on Copilot Overview under Curated Reports.

Learn more.

📊Don't miss out on these valuable insights! Dive into Freddy Copilot Reporting and witness how it can transform your service desk operations. 

🤔Yet to get started with Freddy Copilot?
Join customers like Porsche, who utilize Freddy Copilot to boost their agents' productivity and increase employee satisfaction.


🚀It’s time for you to join the AI Revolution! 

Explore a free demo today and see Freddy Copilot in action!

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