Posting Ticket Data to External Source Using Webhook

  • 29 April 2019
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Has anyone used the Trigger Webhook to post ticket data to an external source?  I'm trying to effectively write some ticket data to an external source i.e. SharePoint or similar.  Currently my leadership team is wanting to gather total elapsed time of ticket in a particular status for reporting purposes.  Tickets in Group A spent a total of 120 hours in phase "Development", and so on.  There doesn't appear to be a way to accomplish this in the canned reports or analytics.  The data is not included in the scheduled export either.  My thought was to trigger a webhook when the status changed given certain criteria, and then write data from the ticket to an external source.  I could then draft custom reporting off that.

Thoughts? or help?

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2 replies

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Hi Chris,  

Nice thought on this. Yes, we can achieve this set-up in multiple ways.   Using app connectors like Zap you can look for  transition updates on the status and pass the time either to a time tracking app(harvest) or to sheets.   

With the help of our custom apps functionality, you can build apps which would trigger on the event of status transition and would calculate the time based on the transitions. However, you might need to add a custom field to track each status transition.  

If you are trying to achieve this to track a status transition, with the help of our Webhooks, you can auto-start/stop the time tracking based on the status transition(event). This would also require an additional custom field as we required the time tracking ID to achieve this call. This solution is applicable if you are not using time tracking, you can use the total time tracked as the transition of the tickets on a particular status.   

With the help of Spreadsheets API, you can pass the updated time of the Ticket through Webhook to the sheets and calculate the time based on the intervals of the status transition.  

I hope any one of the above solution helps.   

Please feel free to reach out support for further assistance.  

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One quick correction on the last option, I ran through API's for spreadsheet and looks Google API's for sheets should be of o-auth which isn't available through Webhook still, you can make use of custom app to achieve this use-case.