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  • 8 February 2024
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Dumb question so forgive me but I can’t find the answer.  When I go to an analytics widget and select the three dots and then download CSV.  Where the heck is that file downloaded to?  I get a Freshdesk popup saying download in progress and then complete, but I can’t find it.  😫

5 replies

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Hey! No question is a dumb question, I always find the files just go in to my downloads folder. You can also click the top right of your browser and it should show the download as being complete / provide a list of your downloads. I know it does that on Chrome but will of course be browser dependent.


that’s what i thought too but I’m not finding it there, I’m in edge so might switch over to chrome to see if I can find.  Thank you so much for keeping my mind sane!


And no dice with chrome either



Problem solved.  my browser on my new PC was preventing the download popup from opening.  Just needed patience

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Glad to know the issue with analytics report download is resolved. If you do not find the downloaded file in your system post triggering a download from your analytics report section, this could be mostly due to the browser blocking the download from happening. Please do recheck your browser settings and this should help resolve the issue. 

If the browser settings are set up accurately and yet you do not see the downloaded file, please feel free to reach back to us and we can help you accordingly.