Missing API call: Create new Custom Field on an object

  • 6 January 2019
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Is there a way to register a new custom field on a object using pure api calls?

As part oi an app custom installation procedure, I want to create an additional custom field on the client object, but cannot find a way to perform this task using the API.

I can see that I can get a list of custom fields, so could ask the admin person to perform the task on my behalf, but this will not give a good customer experience.

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9 replies

Hello David,

This API is not yet available publicly. I will share this request with the Freshdesk product team so they can prioritize it accordingly. For now, I would suggest the alternate manual procedure you outline above.


Hi David,

We're working on building the API to create a ticket field in addition to the already available API to list all ticket fields in an account. So for now, you'll have to create the field via the UI and then access it's ID etc via the List Ticket Fields API and connect it in the app.

I'll update you here once its in beta / goes live. 


Freshdesk Product Management


besides creating a new custom field, will it also be possible to update such a field?

We´d like to keep those fields up to date with information from AD and other sources.



Yes, we'll release the Update API along with the Create.


do you have a routh estimate when this will be released? Is it months or more like next year?




Any update on being able to create and update custom fields via API?


We'll be adding the create ticket field API to Freshdesk this month. The update ticket field has cases where an API may unknowingly delete data which we want to avoid. So, that API will come in later.

Have the api's ever been updated since initial release? The documentation change log shows that there was an initial version 2 release in September of 2017 but no changes since. If they have been updated, is there updated documentation somewhere so we can see what we can do now?


Hi Loren,

We gave beta access to the API to some customers and realised we needed to harden the APIs some more. We have pulled back the create ticket field APIs and I'll come back soon with an update.

Can I understand your use case of using this API?