How To - Single Sign-On with G-Suite (Google Apps)

  • 4 February 2017
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Google provided some information regarding getting Freshservice to use SSO against G Suite.

When creating the Freshservice Custom App in the Google Admin Console, follow these steps:


1. Click on Apps, create a Custom App

2. Copy the SSO URL (You will need to put this in Freshservice later)

3. Download the Certificate

4. Give the app a name /description/logo

5. Customize the app with these settings


Entity ID -

Start URL - Leave empty

Signed Response - Leave Unchecked

Leave all other settings alone.

6. Turn on the App for everyone


1. Go to Helpdesk Security

2. Enable Single Sign-On

3. Paste the SSO URL from above (Google Admin Step 2)

4. Leave logout URL empty

5. You will need to convert the certificate you downloaded earlier to a fingerprint. I converted it by copy and pasting my certificate into this tool:

That should do it

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2 replies

Google provided some information Go to play store application

 Hi there, it would seem that Google has updated the Admin console and these instructions no longer apply. Can you please send me new instructions?