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  • 26 July 2012
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I'm using the API to create tickets, and I'm able to get MOST of the way there, but a couple of details aren't quite working right.

1) Is there a way to specify the Product when submitting a new ticket? If I add the <product>{productid}</product> tag to our XML, I get an error.

2) Can I store the user's name at the point of creating a ticket? The example given in the API page says that I should use the <email> field to submit the email address, which is working just fine. But I also would like to submit the user's name as well -- otherwise, we're ending up with a lot of users in our database who have names that aren't really names -- it just strips off everything before the @ and puts it in the name field. Is there a way to submit the requester name as well at the point of ticket creation?

Thanks very much -- liking this product!

Dave V.

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4 replies

Hi Dave,

Just an update from our Email -  USE the <email-config-id></email-config-id>

Setting Name is not possible as of now, but we have taken this up for API enhancements.


Any update on this? I saw that this was a request from 2 years ago and it still doesn't look like this is part of the Create Ticket API.

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Both the options are possible using the V2 version of the API. Here's the link to the documentation : https://developer.freshdesk.com/api/#create_ticket