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  • 3 November 2014
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I have been using search through API calls to


via CURL in PHP.

It works fine, but I'm getting results that contain published solutions as well as drafts.

Is it possible to filter out drafts?

Is there an additional parameter I should pass?

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8 replies

I was able to reproduce this. This is a bug, and needs to be fixed. Noted to our engineering TODO list.


You can also use this endpoint: http://DOMAIN.freshdesk.com/support/search/solutions.json?term=[search term]

This returns only published solutions.

None of the search options mentioned seems to do anything for me except return the solutions categories.  The 'term=' or 'search_key='data passed doesn't seem to be used at all.  Is this likely to be fixed any time soon?

Currently, we do not have the ability to search using APIs. However, it is on our roadmap and we hope to take it up in the future. I will update this post when we move ahead with it.

Hi there, is there any news on this?

Right now I can successfully send a GET request to this URL:


And I receive correctly a JSON object with the query results.

So, in theory, I could implement my own search. 

My doubt is: would it be allowed? 

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Hello Lisandro,

The Search API isn't publicly available and using this approach might not be completely reliable as the other APIs. We have plans for supporting this and you can keep an eye on this link for any updates: https://developer.freshdesk.com/api/#change_log


Hi Aravind, thanks for your fast response.

The link you sent me returns 404.

However, I understand what you say about this method not being as reliable as the API. But though, am I allowed to use it? Or is it a bad practice somehow penalized by Freshdesk?

I ask because I already wrote a simple code inside my app, and it works great. 

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@Lisandro: I've updated the post with the correct link 🙂 Thanks for pointing it out.

Yes, you can definitely use it as long as it keeps delivering the results 🙂 As we're working on creating a stable V2 API platform, these unexposed api s ( or api endpoints in V1) might cease to work in the longer run.