API should contain Closed/Resolved Date/Time

  • 19 August 2015
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 I can't see any way of deriving the closed time for a ticket
with the data available through the API. The Excel/CSV export does include this data.

Please add status change timings to the API so that it reflects the data available in the file export.

Without this information the API is pretty much useless for reporting/analytics. All I really need to do is extract the ticket fields for later processing in my reporting database.

Thanks for your help.

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7 replies

Hi admin@cel-robox.com,

Did you find a solution?

We are facing the same problem - trying to pull data into our Data Warehouse (for reporting and data mining purposes) via regular API calls, and not having access to the status change timestamps is a huge disadvantage.

Looking for a solution for the same thing.. Can't seem to find all the time fields that are available in the exports..

This is a HUGE roadblock in the adoption of freshdesk metrics by our organization..

Any workarounds?

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a way of extracting this information through API, the Web UI is the only option for now. But it is on our roadmap and I will post an update here when we take it up.


You could load the XML page for the ticket and then use X-PATH to get the last updated (which in most cases would be the resolved data and then you can also find the data when the status was updated to closed. Can compare them and if they match the ticket went straight to closed and if they don't the first one was resolved and the second would be closed.


Any updates on this?


We would like this feature as well, we want to report live data and that is difficult if the api won't let us retrieve the same fields as the manual exports.

Thanks everyone for your patience. It is now possible to retrieve the closed time, resolved time, and first responded time when you view a ticket or view a list of tickets. Just add include=stats to the URL. If you are using this info to check if the SLA has been met, you can compare the values with the "due_by" and "fr_due_by" values that are part of the ticket response.

More details here - http://developers.freshdesk.com/api/#view_a_ticket (look at the "Embed" table)