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  • 11 February 2015
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Attachments that are being sent from our agents to customers are having the spaces replaced with underscores in the attachment file name. This is causing us some major issues as the files we send out to clients have a required naming convention and need to remain the same. When they try to install the files, they are not working because our software is looking for the original file names.

It is not possible for us to change this as it would mean having to modify thousands of template files in clients configurations. 

Besides which, why are you modifying the attachment name at all? If we add an attachment to send an email, then we expect that to be the same name. You don't expect your email client to change the name, so why would it be acceptable here when freshdesk is replacing email clients for our agents.



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1 reply

Hi Paul,

We have fixed this issue from our end and you should not be having further troubles here. 

Thank you for being patient with us all along here. :)