Best Practices? Lesson's Learned?

  • 4 October 2012
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We are just starting to use FreshDesk.  We will have about 8 full-time agents supporting 3 core products.  We expect about 200-300 tickets a day.  Initially, we will be using the mail-in tickets (from our "support" email at gmail).  Eventually, we will be building our solutions library and making a help-site available for online ticket entry.

I'm a little concerned about the shear volume of solutions that we could potentially have.   Does anyone have any advice about selecting keyword choices?  

I'm also not sure if something should be a canned response vs. a solution.  Any great suggestions there? 

I think my biggest fear is that we will have so many solutions that no one will bother to look at them.

Any other "lesson's learned"  from other sites that have gone through their Freshdesk startup.

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1 reply

Hi Michael

Its a good practice to build Solutions/Kbase articles and reduce the L1 Tickets with such articles. Repetitive questions/FAQs can be answered with Canned Responses

Some of your Solutions may have large content or inline images etc, sending them via Canned Responses may not be a good idea, as the End Users mailbox, can sometimes reject such multimedia content, where as using the Suggest Solution option in the Tickets, you can insert the URL, so there is no fear of ticket replies going into SPAM or so

Hope this was helpful