Big issue when replying to customers - sometimes response shows up as blank in Freshdesk trail.

  • 30 January 2014
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We just put Freshdesk into production mode and there's a major issue with replies - sometimes the replies show up as blank and we can't figure out whether they're going out as blank emails to the requesters, or if the information is in there somewhere.

Attached is what it looks like (circled in red).

The ticket XML for that entry looks like this:



 <body-html><div></div> <div><div></div></div></body-html>

 <created-at type="datetime">2014-01-30T13:54:48-07:00</created-at>

 <deleted type="boolean">false</deleted>

 <id type="integer">XXXXXXX</id>

 <incoming type="boolean">false</incoming>

 <private type="boolean">false</private>

 <source type="integer">0</source>

 <updated-at type="datetime">2014-01-30T13:54:48-07:00</updated-at>

 <user-id type="integer">XXXXXXX</user-id>

 <attachments type="array"/>


We've tried a variety of approaches to consistently recreate the issue and we can't figure it out - the requests are handled in different ways, ranging from typing directly in, to copying and pasting sections, to copying and pasting in the entirety. Before the reply is sent, the content is actually visible in the text editor.

Any idea what is going on? 


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Please give us some time so that we can get this analyzed to figure out the root cause. 

I promise to get back to as soon as possible, with a solid update.



Hi Anna,

I think I found a way to replicate this issue consistently - I'll email support about this, but it involves selecting using click-drag.

In case others want to try and replicate/verify this issue - it seems to be when using certain mouse-based actions are taken, specifically, highlighting all text in the editor by clicking at the beginning of the text and dragging downwards. We replicated it in Chrome and IE across different accounts, but it's still tagged as "awaiting developer fix" in my ticket queue.

We are having the same issue and need it resolve as soon as possible please.