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  • 20 April 2018
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Hello, we activated the free plan to

1) If I try to register as a new user through socials: Facebook returns me error, Twitter works but does not login me after returning page. If I try to register me with name and email, I have no activation email and in admin dashboard there is no my account in contact page.

2) I tried to setup the portal with the tickets available also for not registered users: I start a new ticket but after confirmation I do not receive any email to check it then. Ticket appears only in admin dashboard (not in portal page if I logged as admin)

Why there are so many issues in starting steps? Your product appears well done!

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1 reply

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Hi Alessandro!

I tried creating an account through Facebook and I was able to login successfully. In case if it still doesn't work for you,please look out for some errors in the browser console and let me know.

I was able to submit a ticket and immediately got the acknowledgement email in response. Please help me with the email address through which the ticket was submitted so that I can look for the delivery logs to see if there is a lapse in service.