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  • 26 March 2013
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If you are responding to or creating a new ticket, you cannot copy and paste any content from a website or email without the "Description" field duplicating itself. For example if I copy a link from my outlook email and paste it in the description field on freshdesk, a new description field appears below the original one. I assume it is doing this because it doesn't like the hidden characters being copied over, since I can copy and paste fine from notepad which strips hidden html entities.

I've attached a screenshot. Using Firefox 19.0.2.


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9 replies

Same here... this has been like that since we've used the system.  I view it as "I am posting to the web"....whenever I edit a website, I would never think of copying and pasting directly from a word doc, wordperfect, or pdf....always copy and paste from Notepad or when I have to use Freshdesk, I view it the same way, I am copying and pasting into a web based system, which is what Freshdesk is.


BTW: We have also recently updated our Office to 365 Small Business Premium and even when I copy and paste from Word into Notepad, it is not stripping out the hidden character "entitites".....I had to actually SAVE the .txt, then go back into it and copy and paste....what a pain in the XXX......



We experience this issue too.  Using Chrome mostly, but also happens in IE 11.

I'm a new user and experiencing the same problems as Liz and Jim, using Firefox 25.0.1 a new description field appears below the original one while pasting text.

Using IE 11 it's not possible to paste anything in any Fresdesk field at all. The pasted information "blinks" once in the field and then disappears.

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Hey Liz, 

Really sorry about this bug. 

Our developers are currently analyzing this once again and will be fixing it soon, once and for all. 

Please bear with us until then. 


I'm still finding that this occurs, not all of the time but randomly.


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Well, this issue has been fixed Sven. 

Well, it's been a month. What's the solution?

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Hey Jim,

Thank you for reaching out to us here. 

We are aware of this bug and are currently working on it. Will solve this one for you as soon as we can.

Sorry about it Jim. Do let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.