Custom app load CSS/JS globally not scoped within an iframe (which the example app does)

  • 5 November 2019
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Lets say I want to modify something on the ticket page I've found the app location docs (, but this seems to render only apps that are contained to their container and I want it to spil out of the container to modify something or the freshdesk UI 

For example the `.ticket-actions-container` which is on top of a tickets and shows some actions when you hover over it. I've made a screencast to eplain what I want to do. (if there is a setting for this in freshdesk I don't want to know it, this is just an example. I want to create an custom app that modifies the behaviour of freshdesk to my liking)

TL;DR How do I create an app that loads custom css in the Freshdesk UI `.ticket-details__item .ticket-actions-container { opacity: 1}`

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