Customer Approval

  • 21 July 2016
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We work with a number of customers who need approval from their line manager before we are allowed to work on the tickets.

Is there a way to allow specific non-agent users to mark a ticket as approved?

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7 replies

One way would be to use forward option to send the line manager the ticket content over email. The reply would then be threaded to the ticket as a private note and based on that the agent can decide whether to work on the ticket or not.


Thanks Priyobrato,

Thanks for the reply.  At the moment, this is the way we are doing it, but I was hoping to find a more visible way to allow this, or  a way to stop my engineers from being able to work on the tickets until the customer has approved it.

One way would be to push the tickets to a new group called 'For Approval' that only the admins have access to. Agents do not have access to this group.

This can even be used as the group where tickets are kept as soon as they are received such that a bunch of authorized agent execute the forward to approving manager action.

Once the reply from approving manager is received then the authorized agents can assign it to the groups where the ticket resolving agents work. This step may also be automated by adding an observer rule that checks for 'Note is added' 'Private' event on tickets lying in 'For approval' group.


Thanks again Priyobrato,

I'll give this a test :)

Hello Vinnie,

Reaching out to see if this solution is working well for you.



Hi Vinnie,

I'm going to try something similar to this. Have you got any learnings that are worth sharing with me before I start?



Hi Nicole,

This does work (to an extent) but is not perfect.  I have removed it because it thought that any comment that was added was an approval.  Again, this can probably be repaired, but I just haven't had the time :(