Forward to kbase not working

  • 24 October 2012
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When I "Forward" a ticket to the Solutions folder, it does not work. However, if I "Reply" and add the the kbase address as a CC, then it does show up in the drafts folder. Why does "forward" not work?

Here is what does not work:

1) In a ticket, click on "Forward"

2) Enter in the "To" field

3) Click on the "Forward" button below the message.

Here is what does work:

1) In a ticket, click on "Reply"

2) Click on "Add Cc"

3) Enter in the "Cc" field

4) Click "Send" button below the message

I need the forwarding to work also.

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9 replies

It's working !!! Thumbs up !!!

Hello Matt,

I've recently tested this feature out and I'm able to see that its working fine now. Can you please confirm things are working in your account as well?



This remains an issue. Please add the ability to FORWARD existing emails to the knowledge base.

Hi Vijay, 

Thank you for your message. Ok for the REPLY. This is working.


When you write 'COMPOSE' you mean when an agent creates a new ticket? Otherwise I do not see such button in Freshdesk.


Also, my comment was more about the wording in the solution article Capture existing knowledge from email which explains that it is possible to "Just forward a copy of your email to your Freshdesk Knowledge Base and your new solution is ready as a draft for you to review and post." This is quite confusing from communication point of view for readers as only the BCC field is working. 



Hi Stefan

No, we've not taken this up and only REPLY or COMPOSE will send the Content to Solutions



Is there any news or update on this feature. 

The forwarding to kbase is still not working and it would be a great feature. 

We have lot of customer reading about kbase feature on your web site with the promise that the forward and CC is possible and once they try, only CC is working. 

If there is nothing under the hood now, please could you at least update your article to clarify how this feature is working.

Thank you for your feedback.


It would be great to allow forward so we can send in articles from outside freshdesk
Hi Eric

I understand the frustration, but we've build the Email to Kbase function only for CC or BCC and not for FORWARDING mechanism. Forwarding in Freshdesk was recently introduced - 2-3 months back and hence we didn't implement this option yet.

I cannot promise an ETA but will raise it with the dev team for implementation

Most of the features are run through the team and only based on Customer votes, we take up the features. I am sorry if some of the features that you raised are not in our immediate priority list but we will address them one by one

So to me, this is a bug, not a feature request.  I have already opened a ticket on this and received a reply but I wanted to make it public in the forum.

As usual, the answer is "not available right now, but will be in future updates".  Man, getting tired of hearing that....